5 Reasons Your Coworkers Turn Into Some Of Your Closest Friends

by Lauren Reid
Paramount Pictures

Work is where we spend the majority of our time, so it’s no surprise the people you work with can quickly become some of your closest friends.

You see them every day, you spend time collaborating or sharing lunch with them and you grow your career and life with them.

Here are five reasons why your coworkers can be your best friends:

1. They see you at your best and your worst.

Everyone has a bad day at work every now and then. The people who sit next to you can very easily pick up on your everyday habits and mood fluctuations.

That’s why, when you have a particularly bad day, it’s easy for your coworkers to tell something is off.

They’re also the ones most likely to pick you up and help shake you from whatever might be bothering you.

2. You speak the same language.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone what it is you do at work for 40 hours a week?

If not, try it sometime. It's probably much tougher than you think.

Every industry, every company and even every role within a company has its own quirks and tendencies. Your coworkers do what you do.

Even if you’re in a different department of a company, your daily job functions are probably similar.

They speak the same lingo, and they can relate to your everyday challenges and achievements.

Venting about work just isn’t the same when someone has no idea what you’re talking about.

3. They inspire healthy competition and growth.

Your coworkers are the ones who encourage you to tackle a new project, apply for that new opening or even speak up to a manager about a great idea you might have.

They also might look to you for advice, an explanation on something they don’t understand or even just an example.

Just make sure the competition stays friendly. If something good happens to them, be a good friend and be happy for their success.

4. They get to know your habits.

Do you stop to get coffee every morning before coming into the office?

Do you buy soup every Tuesday because you like what the place around the corner has as a special?

Do you pack the same sandwich and bag of chips every day?

Your coworkers probably know.

They also know how you order your coffee because they’ve made that occasional (daily) 2 pm desperation run to Starbucks.

They're also fully aware that no, you refuse to have a pumpkin spice latte while it’s still 75 degrees outside.

5. You get to enjoy happy hour.

Whether it’s a particularly rough Wednesday or 3:30 pm on a Friday, your coworkers are likely making the rounds, asking who’s up for a beer (or five) at the closest bar.

Someone is celebrating a work anniversary? Happy hour.

The company brings in some new business? Happy hour.

Someone is just plain thirsty? Happy hour.

We all know happy hour is where you really get to know the people you work around.

There’s nothing wrong with getting friendly with the people you spend 260 days of the year with.

You might find your relationships with them to be some of the longest-lasting and closest friendships you have.

Just always remember you are co-habituating professionals, and sometimes, there are boundaries with your coworker bestie.