Work BFF: 10 Ways Your Coworkers Are Pretty Much Your Best Friends

by Liz Rae
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Work friends are the people you spend most of your time with.

For at least eight hours every day, you share a piece of your life with them, support each other and complain to each other.

The people you work with are people you grow with, no matter how much time you spend at a certain job.

They are the people who keep you at your job, no matter how much you hate where you work.

After a while, you'll come to realize your work friends are actually some of your closest friends.


Without your coworkers, why would you even go to work?

You could list a ton of reasons why they make your day every single day, but there are a few specific ways they keep you from handing in your two-weeks notice:

1. You spend all of your time together.

It's true. You spend your entire day (or night) with them, and you hear about each and every day of their lives.

You work side-by-side, together. Sometimes you're even together when you're not at work.

2. You know their habits.

You know your work friends almost as well as their roommates probably know them.

You know when they like to each lunch and what their favorite foods are. You know that on Tuesdays, your coworkers like to get tacos down at the local restaurant.

You know when they are without ballpoint pens, they freak out and refuse to use pencils. You know all of the habits no one else could possibly pick up on.

Because of this, you know when to get them new pens or when to buy them tacos.

3. You know all of their secrets

At some point, office talk ends and you talk about your lives together. When you coworker shows up hungover, you know exactly why.

When your coworker has a mysterious significant other around, you already know who the person is and how they met each other.


When your work BFF looks exhausted or sad, you've probably shared what is happening with each.

At some point in your work relationship, you found a common bond that allowed you two to share information about your lives.

4. You tend to frequent happy hours.

After long days of work, the first thing on your minds is where the closest happy hour is.

Both of you go to happy hour once a week and discuss work, but you also talk about what is happening in your lives outside of work.

You find that alcohol is the best cure for a long day.

5. You complain about work together.

None of your other friends would understand the pain that you two endure every day at work.

Only your coworker understands what to endure the specific, insane abuse.

6. You can also complain about work together.

Sometimes, your non-work friends don't get why you work where you do or why you like to complain about your job.

But, your coworker understands. Your coworker knows why your boss is awful or why you were so tired after work.

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Your coworker has seen everything that makes you upset about work and is there for you.

7. Your coworker is also supportive.

They get why you work so hard. Your coworker understands why you'll spend extra hours at the office, and he or she will understand when you decide the hours are becoming too much.

Even if you decide to take another job, your coworkers will always support you in whatever career you take on.

8. You have common interests.

Since you share a workplace, your coworkers most likely share similar interests to you, and it's absolutely fascinating.

Even if they are totally different than you, you find it amazing to learn about them, especially during your free time at work.

9. They entertain you all day.

When you least expect it, you find yourself laughing with your coworkers. They seem to find ways to entertain you until you realize half of your day is gone.

Without them, how could work ever be so enjoyable? They are the reason you realize you love your job, and you love to spend every day with them.

10. Most of all, they make your workdays fly by.

Your coworkers are the best people to be around because they are what truly makes your days go by quicker.

You know when they aren't there because the day isn't half as entertaining as it could be.

You look forward to coming into work and spending time with them.

You have moments when you wonder if work would even be worth it without them.