8 Easy Ways To Start Saving Up For Your End Of Summer Trip When You're Broke


Summer is the ultimate time for adventures. You want to see and do everything, but the reality is, adventures cost money. Who knew?

Usually, many of us aim for one big summer trip each year, but during the months leading up to that trip, we're trying to keep our bank accounts together so everything doesn't fall apart.

When I have a trip coming up, I immediately create a budget to see how much money I can spend each week leading up to it. And the truth is, it's a total nightmare.

When you know the price of the adventure is definitely worth it, but getting there is the worst kind of struggle, here are eight easy ways to start saving up for your end of summer trip.

1. Save A Little Bit Of Each Paycheck

Fabian Blank/Unsplash

Look at how much you're making on average every month. Now, look at how much you need to spend on all of the essentials, like food and bills.

Do a little math (I know, ugh, sorry), then set up some kind of automatic transfer to put a percentage of your paycheck you want to save into your savings. It might be the smallest percentage in the world, but heck, at least it's something.

2. Cut Down On Sunday Brunches

Ali Inay/Unsplash

A lot of your money may be dedicated to eating out. I know a boozy brunch is a staple of the summer months, but hear me out. Maybe you should consider reducing brunch to every other week.

Get your girl squad together for something else that can be fun and free. If you can't say no to brunch, you can also throw a boozy brunch at home.

You don't have to spend a tremendous amount on endless mimosas that your waiter will be too busy to come back and actually refill, anyway.

3. Get A Job (Or A Second Job)

A lot of my friends drive for either Lyft or Uber in their free time.

This is an easy way to make some extra cash when you have nothing else to do. Instead of catching up on Game of Thrones, you could be putting the funds back into your wallet.

If you don't own a car, but have a bike, you could be doing some UberEATS or Postmates deliveries as well.

4. Be Energy Efficient

Let's face it, our electric bills go up in the summer because it's hot AF out there. Our air conditioning, if we're even lucky enough to have one, is killing our budget.

There are some easy ways to cut those bills down by just being more energy efficient in the summer.

Things like opening your window at night to let the fresh, cool air in, and unplugging things when you're not using them can help cut down that crazy bill.

5. Channel Your Inner Couponer

Remember when hardcore couponing was a big thing? Well, you don't have to go overboard, but you can save some money by being coupon conscious.

If there's a store you regularly shop at, find out if they have some sort of rewards program or coupon app for your phone so you can scope out any deals while you're in the store.

6. Take Advantage Of Free Summer Activities

Aranxa Esteve/Unsplash

In the city, there are always free summer activities going on.

If you want to hang out with your friends, but don't want to spend excessive amounts of money, you can take advantage of the free activities your city has to offer.

Free outdoor movie screenings, watching the sunset in the park, and even street fairs with free music make for the best times.

7. Don't Pay For Working Out

Curtis Mac Newton/Unsplash

A lot of people cancel their gym memberships in the summertime, because you can seriously save a ton of cash by just working out in a park.

Get your friends together to go for a run in the morning along the water when it's a bit cooler. Or, head to the beach and swim around in the ocean.

The weather is beautiful, so it's the best time to take advantage of being active outside.

8. Opt For A Girls' Night In

Kris Atomic/Unsplash

A girls' night out is so much fun, but you can have just as much fun at a girls' night in.

Get your squad together to hang out at home for the evening. You can watch your favorite romantic comedies, while munching on yummy snacks.

You can even pamper each other with manicures, and think of how much money you're saving not going to a salon.