6 Ways To Cope When You're The Only One In Your Squad Without Summer Fridays

Andrew Neel/Unsplash

Oh, summer Fridays, don't they seem so glorious?

Unfortunately, I've never been #blessed with one. I was always a freelancer, so while the rest of the staffers in my office were basking in the beauty of summer Fridays, I was stuck in a freezing cold office.

It's difficult when the rest of your squad has a longer weekend than you, and you're dealing with major FOMO looking at their Instagram pictures.

But, when you're chilling in the office all alone, you begin to take solace in knowing summer Fridays aren't always the best way to spend your summer.

You can have a great Friday, too.

Here are six ways you can cope when you're the only one in your friend group working on Friday.

1. Take Pleasure In Your Quiet, Serene Office

Tran Mau Tri Tam/Unsplash

As entertaining as it can be listening to your co-worker's endless drama, it's very nice that for the first time all week, you have some peace and quiet.

The woman in the cubicle next to you who's always talking on the phone, or the guy down the hall who doesn't realize everyone can hear him humming? They're all gone!

Treat Friday like a relaxing time to re-group. You can finally get some work done, without any distractions or interruptions.

2. Make The Most Of Your Actual Days Off

The weekend is your precious time to take advantage of.

Your friends who have summer Fridays may sleep the rest of the day away and later regret it, while you don't even have the time to waste.

You truly cherish every free day you get, so you're having the most epic, spectacular summer with absolutely no regrets.

3. Grab Lunch With Your Squad

Dan Gold/Unsplash

You can still hang out with your girlfriends when they have most of the day off and you don't by planning a lunch date with them.

Really take advantage of your lunchtime by making a plan to treat yourselves to a trendy new restaurant, and enjoy yourself.

The hour break is yours for the taking, so use it as you please.

4. Show How Invaluable You Are To The Office

Now is the ultimate time to show your boss how important you are in the office. While everyone else may be off the grid on Fridays, you're there for every emergency.

Take the time to go above and beyond, so that everyone is genuinely thankful you're there. When the time comes for a promotion, they won't forget you were there for them when no one else was around.

5. Enjoy The In-Office Bar Cart, Or Plan A Happy Hour

Adam Jaime/Unsplash

At my old office, someone would go around with a booze cart on Friday to make drinks for those left in the office. This can be a fun way to bring happy hour to those who are stuck working while everyone else is off.

If your office doesn't offer this, plan a few happy hours with your co-workers after you wrap up your day.

6. Remember That Summer Goes By Quickly

Nothing hurts more than having the luxury of summer Fridays, and then having them taken away from you once fall arrives.

While it may feel a bit crummy now, know that it's going to suck even more for your friends when September is here.

Even though the rest of your crew may get out early on Fridays, don't let jealousy cloud the fact that you, too, can have an epic summer.