5 Things You Need To Wait To Do Until You Hit 25

There are only a few things in life you should really wait to do until you turn 25. Sometimes, doing something too soon ends up leaving you with a ton of regret. You might be too young to truly appreciate it. And other times, you're still figuring out who the heck you are, so what you want now may be totally different from what you want when you're older.

We all know some situations are totally unavoidable. Like, if you run into Ryan Gosling and he asks you to marry him, have five kids, and move to Florida before you're 25, you have to say yes. But for the non-Ryan Gosling, totally avoidable scenarios, here are five things you need to wait to do until you hit 25.

1. Making A Big Leap To Follow A Dream

Averie Woodard/Unsplash

You should always go after your dreams, especially if you know exactly what you want. But usually, we're not totally sure what our dreams are just yet. We have a vague idea when we go to college and are told to pick a major. But for the most part, many of our dreams are just on the surface right now.

Big life changes are things you might only do once or twice in a lifetime. We have to use our early 20s after college to find our footing. There's no extra time for rash decisions.

After a few years, you'll figure it all out, and everything will most likely click into place. You'll know how to tackle your dreams and have a legit plan of action. That's when you can really make bold steps, like moving to a new city or quitting the comfortable job you're in.

2. Traveling Alone


I think everyone should travel alone at least once in their life. It really is the perfect getaway that allows you to explore a new place at your own pace. And as much as I encourage traveling alone, you really should wait until you're 25 to do it. You'll truly understand how to navigate a new place without any help, and will have a ton of time to come up with the perfect itinerary of your dreams.

3. Taking A Big Trip To Europe

I'm a firm believer one should wait to travel to a dream location until they're old enough to really appreciate it. With the perfect destination you've always wanted to explore, like an exquisite country in Europe, you may only get to go once in your life. To make sure you really get the most out of this life-changing experience, I suggest you hold off until you're done with school and established in a career you love.

4. Living Alone For The First Time

I know many of us want to live alone. Having a roommate is nice company, but oh the joy of having your own bathroom. However, if you jump into living alone too quickly, you really miss out on years of socializing and bonding. A roommate, even one who you're not really great friends with, will still give you that human connection you need when you're in your early 20s.

5. Buying A Home And Settling In One Place

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I personally couldn't afford to buy a house before I was 25, but if you're able to, that doesn't necessarily mean you should just yet. You should be flexible in your early 20s, not stationary. You're still figuring yourself out, so settling down in one place is a huge commitment.