10 Things You Did In High School That Make 25-Year-Old You Say "WTF Was I Thinking?"


High school seems like such a distant memory once you've reached your mid to late 20s. There's no denying the memories we made throughout those four years of hormonal roller coasters, changes, and growth. It was literally the one place we were all mandated to be at every day, and we tried to make the best of it.

If you've reached your quarter-life crisis, you'll notice that so much has changed since we were following cringeworthy trends we used to think were hot and obsessing over prom in high school. It will surprise the hell out of you how much you don't do nearly as many childish things anymore. Remember that I said "nearly." If you think about all of the weird stuff you did back in high school, chances are, you're LOL-ing.

1. Went Above And Beyond To Get Your Crush's Attention

Look, we were just getting our feet wet in the crushing on someone game when we were in high school. Whether you tried to memorize their class schedule or get close to their locker, we all dabbled in some questionable tendencies in order to get closer to our crush. Rookie mistake.

2. Doing An Assignment Last-Minute Between Classes

Alexis Brown/ Unsplash

Procrastination was almost hard not to do when you were in high school. Scurrying to a bench before third period to finish an assignment wasn't foreign to you. Whatever it took to get things done, right?

3. Risking Your Individuality To "Fit In"

Whatever high school you went to, cliques were inevitably a thing. It's crazy that you have to graduate to realize literally no one cares what kind of clique you rolled with in high school. Diversity is genuinely what makes the world a beautiful place.

4. Telling Any Lie Involving Staying At A Friend's House

The "I'm sleeping at a friend's house" gag was used in a few scenarios. Either you weren't at that friend's house at all and needed a decoy, or you and this friend were easily about to get into something you wouldn't be able to if you were at your house. Innovative lying shouldn't be praised, but it happened, and you can't change it now.

5. Faking An Injury Or Illness To Get Out Of Gym Class

Who on earth decided to herd students on a lawn, tell them to run, time them, and then grade them on it? If you ask me, it was torture and sometimes you just didn't want to do it. Ignite fake menstrual cramps in three, two, one...

6. Using Every Technique You Had To Sleep In Class

When you were in dyer need of a nap, you made it happen. Even if you were seated in the front of class, you somehow managed to find a way to catch those z's. Being a teenager was seriously tiring.

7. Validating Friendships Over Meaningless Things

Again, we were young in high school, and oftentimes made the wrong friends or portrayed friendships in a false light. Sooner or later, you learn that friends should be validated on qualities like loyalty and generosity. It was all a learning process.

8. Crushing On A Teacher

Hey, we didn't tell the school to pick the hands down, cutest guy ever to teach you the elements on the periodic table. You also weren't complaining about it, either. Pretty sure you did everything in your power to ace that class as well. No shame.

9. Pretending Your Youth Made You Invincible

We felt like we could do anything in high school at times; like the rules of society didn't apply to us. Whether you snapped out of this reality easily or not, you nipped it in the bud. Just because we wore vintage superhero T-shirts, didn't make us as invincible as they were.

10. Eating Questionable Cafeteria Food All Day, Every Day

Hot Cheetos for breakfast was no stranger to your daily routine. Anything we could get our hands on out of the vending machine was fair game for munching. Pizza Friday was seriously where it was at, though.

Oh, high school. As hard as it is to realize we aren't that young anymore or that we can't change the things we wish we could, there's always a special place in our hearts for our high school selves. The struggle was real.