13 Things I Actually Used To Think Were Hot Before I Hit 25

Paulette Wooten/Unsplash

Growing up and starting your journey into adulthood can be so surreal.

It doesn't seem like anything has really changed. That is, until you start reminiscing on those bizarre trends you totally used to think were hot.

As much as it's cringeworthy to trace back to the things we used to wear, say, or do, it's called growth... and it never fails to draw an epic laugh.

I, for one, embrace the weird trends I was drawn to.

I kid you not, those awkward quirks were the stepping stones that led me to the outgoing, unique extrovert who I am today.

Now, let's explore some of those awkward phases of my life. Don't judge me.

1. Rocking Striped Tube Socks On The Reg

This trend of wearing over-the-knee striped socks started back during my high school dance team days, and was a hard habit to shake.

Black skirt? I had a pair of high striped socks to match.

Rock them with Converse sneakers, and I was set to slay.

2. Slipping On A Small T-Shirt With Everything

Yes, I knew there were such things as crop tops, but the inner trendsetter in me wanted to scope out the T-shirt options in the boys' section of Target.

Besides, they put all of the dope characters on their shirts.

3. Having Super Long Bangs Over One Eye

I was, and am a sucker for, mysterious things.

I may have actually tried to live out my intrigue with mystery a tad too much, though. It happens.

4. Wearing Red Lipstick With Any Outfit

When you're not a super huge makeup fan like me, you make mistakes.

Discovering red lipstick was both a blessing, and a curse. There's a time and place for everything... which I didn't quite digest back then.

5. Wearing One Long Earring

I'm still guilty of this on occasion. I have short hair, so it looks cute... sometimes.

6. Saying "Sike!" After Every Sarcastic Attempt

Hey, old habits die hard.

I was and still constantly say something remotely offensive, sarcastic, or jokingly and try to cushion the blow with a casual, "sike!" Excuse me for trying to keep the humor alive.

7. Purposely Playing Music Loud AF In My Car

Yes, I was that person who felt incredibly awkward passing groups of people while strolling in my car. Music was my escape from the silence.

8. Wearing Eyeliner That Made My Eyes Water

I no longer suffer in silence to glam up my everyday look.

Eyeliner works wonders on others. For me, I always ended up looking like an energetic raccoon.

9. Responding Lousily To Texts Or Calls

Again, I'm a sucker for mystery, but I realized delaying my response time for any communication was just rude.

People put forth energy to reach out, so I should respect that and reciprocate.

10. Playing Beer Pong With Hard Liquor

OK, don't act like you didn't think innovating your own drinking games wasn't cool, original, and so damn hot.

11. Wearing Beanies For Every Occasion

Look, growing up in SoCal, I had to create my own seasons. My solid beanie game was just a reflection of the seasons I hardly experienced.

12. Matching Absolutely Every Item Of Clothing

Color coordination was life.

Eventually, though, it got sort of limiting. And because I'm super dramatic and rebellious, I couldn't bare to conform to anything anymore... not even a color scheme.

13. Wearing A Bra Every Day

There's nothing wrong with keeping the girls in place, but it doesn't have to be an everyday routine. I mean, some tops even look way better without one.

Change is inevitable, and it's always funny to see what you used to think was cool or attractive. I'm not afraid of those not-so-trendy skeletons in my closet, and neither should you.