7 Struggles You'll Only Understand When Your Best Friend Is Your College Roomie

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While living the dorm life is the epitome of the college experience, having the right roommate will make your life so much easier, no matter where you live. College is fun, but there will be a lot of times when you come home frustrated and exhausted. Your home is your special space where you can escape from the rest of the world, so the last thing you would want is added stress from an angry roomie.

When your roommate is also your best friend, you have another reason to look forward to going home every day. Even if you just saw your bestie on campus an hour ago, it will be just as exciting to catch up as soon as you get back to the room. No matter what kind of day you've had, you know tons of laughs and love are waiting for you.

As fun as living with your best friend can be, it's not all girl talk and movie nights. Everyone has bad days and disagreements, even BFFs. It's inevitable, but it can totally be worked out without putting any extra stress on your friendship. These are a few of the struggles you might encounter when your best friend is your college roomie.

1. It's Hard To Sleep

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When you're with your best friend, there's always something to talk about. It's great to have your BFF by your side, but it can make it a bit hard to keep up on a regular sleep schedule. You'll be catching up on the latest gossip after dinner, and before you know it, it's long past midnight. Oh well, it's worth it.

2. You Discover Her Gross Habits

When you live with someone, you'll get to know their habits and quirks, some of which may not go over well with you. Don't expect perfection when making living arrangements with your bestie or you'll risk a serious and perhaps unwelcome wakeup call. At some point or another, your roomie will do something that will absolutely disgust you (and vice versa), so expect the unexpected.

3. There's A Complete Lack Of Privacy


In any close relationship, boundaries are pretty flexible. That being said, it can be hard to tell when you're overstepping a boundary when you and your bestie are comfortable with pretty much everything. Some days, you may want to spend some time alone, and that's totally OK. Calm communication is the key in any successful relationship, besties and roomies included.

4. Telling Her "No"

While you love your BFF, she may be hard to live with sometimes. She might be ready to party while you're ready for bed, which wouldn't be a problem if the rager wasn't at your place. Even though you're friends and you want her to have fun, the space is as much yours as it is hers, so you need to speak up and say "no" if you're not down for a party tonight.

5. Sharing Is Caring

Besties tend to share a lot, which might get to be pretty annoying when your stuff is super accessible. If you're not cool with your friend borrowing your boots or your favorite sweater, just say so. She still needs permission to take anything of yours, even if she is your best friend.

6. There Are So Many Distractions


Even though girl talk is super entertaining and therapeutic, it can also be a major distraction. If you need to study, don't be afraid to shut your door for awhile. She's your bestie, so she'll understand.

7. Having Way Too Much Fun

Too much fun is actually a thing, and you're bound to learn that the hard way at some point during college. Remember, you're there to discover yourself, to learn, and to focus on a career, so sometimes the fun stuff will have to wait a bit. When you've checked everything off your to-do list, you and your bestie can have the time of your lives.