18 Fights You And Your College Roommate Will Have That Will Bring You Closer

by Elite Daily Staff

Experiencing a college roommate is like a rite of passage. You not only find out a lot about yourself, but you also learn a lot about another person.

For the most part, having a college roommate is pretty awesome. You inherit a second closet, you always have someone to vent to, and it's never hard to get a second opinion on things.

But, when you're living practically on top of each other and your dorm triples as your living room, kitchen and bedroom, there are definitely going to be arguments between you two. Don't worry though, getting it all out is also the key to getting closer.

If you can make it through a year with your roommate, chances are you'll still be friends when it's all over -- if only because you know what she really looks like without makeup and she knows the number of guys you really brought back freshman year.

Some things, like stealing your late-night pizza or staining her favorite skirt, are just not going down without a fight. But at the end of the day, there's no one else you'd rather come home to.

Here are the 18 fights you and your college roommate will have that will ultimately bring you closer.

1. The “Don't Use My Makeup Without Asking Me First” Fight

That 24 color eye compact is extraordinarily tempting, we know. And under any other circumstances (minus the one in which you have a stye), we wouldn't care if you borrowed it.

We might sh*t in the same room, but we aren't close enough to start taking each other's stuff without asking. Courtesy = bonding.

2. The “Don't Sexile Me The Night Before My Exam” Fight

Even if by “studying” your roommate really means “catching up on 'Vampire Diaries' in bed” you've got to respect the Rules of Roommatedom and sleep this one out.

Plus, do you really want to be getting it on in the twin XL?

3. The “You Blackout Ate All My Food” Fight

This is a personal favorite, if only because really everyone wins. You get to binge eat all her junk food and not remember it the next day (which therefore means the calories didn't count).

And she gets to not eat all the junk food she really didn't want to consume in the first place. By this logic, you are doing her a favor.

4. The “It's Your Turn To Buy The Bottle” Fight

Everyone, relax. Remember that we're all just trying to get drunk together and bond over reconstructed memories from the night before. So go passive aggressively write “I prefer Skyy to Svedka” on the whiteboard next to her bed. Your roommate will get the message.

5. The “We're Listening to My Music While Getting Ready Tonight” Fight

As long as it's not One Direction, suck it up and let her deejay this once. She promises you'll like it (you won't), and she'll be more willing to lend you her favorite shirt after (you win).

6. The “You Were So Drunk Last Night It Managed To Piss Me Off” Fight

Taking care of your roommate is rewarding. Taking care of your roommate when she's drunk and crying and falling on herself for the third night in a row is annoying.

Don't let the “you got too drunk last night” turn into a friendtervention tomorrow (no matter how fun it is to say “friendtervention”).

7. The “You're Being A B*tch On Your Period, Stop It Because I Love You” Fight

Maybe this isn't so much of an argument as it is a 13-word sentence. When you and your roommate get close with each other, you're both going to feel comfortable taking it out on the other person.

Just remind her that you're on her side, get her her favorite candy and keep telling each other how you seriously couldn't live with anyone else. Gosh, you're so lucky.

8. The “We Are Watching Bravo Tonight” Fight

If you've ever argued with your boyfriend about this, you will be a total pro at locking this down. Eventually, your roommate will grow to love the Housewives just as you do, and you'll connect even more over sharing a favorite show.

Pretty soon you'll be writing things like, "Wednesday nights are soooo not the same without you and Ramona!" on each other's Facebook walls. Give it time.

9. The Classic “Clean Up Your Sh*t” Fight

Be prepared. For every “you need to throw out the trash” allegation there is a “you leave your crap all over the floor” comeback.

10. The “You Turn Off The Lights” Fight

(To be spoken in a mommy voice:) Now girls, take turns!

11. The “The Crap You Heated Up In the Microwave Smells Like Ass” Fight

…But it tastes delicious. So you'll get over it. Not without commentary, though.

12. The “You Ruined My Shirt, Get It Fixed” Fight

Quite possibly every girl's biggest nightmare when borrowing and lending her clothing is the possibility it will get ruined. Even more awkward is the interaction that comes afterwards…

“So, that wasn't your favorite shirt, right?” “I really liked that top, and it can't be replaced. It was vintage…” “That shirt was from Forever21.” “Good, then you won't feel bad buying me a new one.”

Oh, but you will.

13. The “Take Your Skype Call Outside” Fight

Petty? Maybe, but no one wants to listen to her roommate baby-talk with her boyfriend for two hours.

With your Teacher's Assistant though… Now that's a conversation you'd love to overhear.

14. The “You Take Too Long” Fight

You take too long in the shower. You take too long to get ready. You take too long to respond.

One day, you'll learn to accept these qualities in your roommate.

15. The “What's He/She Doing Here” Fight

Maybe it's your arch-enemy-turned-roommate's-best-friend or maybe it's that loathsome guy who's a total douche to you. Either way, you don't want this person here.

But that's the kind of what having a roommate means in the first place.

16. The “Don't Even Think About Hanging That Up There” Fight

Chances are your tastes on home decor won't align. Especially when you have to share a room, you'd rather not have to look at an Audrey Hepburn poster every day.

But think on the brightside, at least you can call her a basic bitch behind her back when you're pissed!

17. The “I'm Trying To Go To Sleep, Please Use Your Headphones” Fight

Girls who go to bed early in college kind of suck (from our experience, the best things actually did happen post-2 am).

But then again, you will eventually become one of these people in about three years when you're working a 16-hour day finance job, so just remember that karma comes around.

18. The “I Love You More” Fight

Seriously though, you two are like, the best roommates ever, soooo lucky to have each other and all these fights are totally just because you both love each other more than "Scandal" and chocolate-covered anything and life itself.

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