48 Things You Only Find Out About Your Roommate After You Move In Together

by Elite Daily Staff

You think you know a person and then you start to live with her -- and then you really get to know her. Because your relationship with your roommate is a relationship unlike any other. It’s a 24/7, constantly in each other’s spaces, going through life together kind of deal. And you both signed up for the challenge.

Having a roommate can be incredibly rewarding, especially as you learn more about this person and form a special bond that only comes from knowing her bathroom schedule.

Yup, you find out a lot of weird, random things about your roommate when you move in together. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because witnessing someone else’s ups and downs and being there for it all is truly remarkable.

Here are the 48 weird things you learn about your roommate when you move in together:

1. What she will and won’t spend money on. Household appliances? Yup. Household cleaning supplies? Nope.

2. The number of guys she actually brings home versus how many she tells you.

3. The same three outfits she has on rotation every weekend.

4. The names of all her best friends -- real and imaginary -- since she was 5.

5. The only three meals she knows how to cook. Scrambled eggs don’t count.

6. How much she enjoys ABC Family. And how poorly your television tastes align.

7. How much she still struggles when it comes to doing her own laundry. What are friends for, right?

8. The item she’ll always forget after she leaves the house.

9. Everything about her job, coworkers, boss, office, career and, did we mention, job?

10. Her fondness for hot sauce on everything.

11. The type of alcohol she absolutely can’t stand. It rhymes with Shmapkin Shmorgan’s.

12. How often her ex sleeps over. But you would never tell... because roomies.

13. The type of dish person she is: Does she clean the dishes immediately or leave them next to the sink to (presumably) be done later?

14. How she treats her parents. You can infer from overheard phone conversations.

15. Her refusal to refill the toilet paper and how long she'll continue to use tissues instead.

16. Who her real friends are… besides you, natch.

17. Her fondness for One Direction, especially before going out.

18. The fact that she never picks up the various items off her floor, except on Thursdays. “It’ll just get messy again,” is her favorite excuse.

19. The clothes that she’ll never let you borrow. You know what’s free-game and off-limits just by looking at her facial reactions.

20. The amount of time it takes for her to get ready before a night out.

21. What’s lurking in her Netflix queue. And it ain’t pretty.

22. Her sleeping schedule, which you would describe as “as often as possible.”

23. How much she secretly hates people.

24. The lack of the washing of her hair. It’s cool, though because you don’t either.

25. Her period and when she’s about to get it. AKA When it’s time to leave her alone.

26. Where she really wants to live. It doesn’t include you.

27. Her soft spot for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and other shameful television shows.

28. Her favorite snacks. They are now your favorite snacks, too.

29. Her pooping schedule. If you’ve learned the smell, you’ve gone too far.

30. The play-by-play of her one-night stand turned relationship.

31. How many times she orders Seamless in a night… and how often she sleeps through the deliveries.

32. Her taste in home decor. It falls somewhere between “urban” and “zen.”

33. The tools she swears by to cure a hangover. See: Advil, coconut water and/or Gatorade, chicken soup and a plain bagel.

34. What she looks like ass-naked.

35. Her drinking problem... that’s now rubbing off on you. You’ve completely surpassed the two-drink minimum.

36. The way she prefers her eggs.

37. Her avid love for ugly crying.

38. Her gym obsession. And by this we mean, how much she obsesses over if she should go or not.

39. How many nachos she actually ate versus how many she Instagrammed.

40. Her addiction to iced coffee and gummies.

41. How long she goes between shaving. She often makes you pet her legs for reassurance.

42. The inner complexities of her relationships with her brothers and/or sisters. You pretty much know everything about their lives as well.

43. How much she really, really likes weed.

44. What kind of allergies she has. Which is actually none, but she likes to pretend.

45. The fact that she listens to emo music on rainy days and throughout her breakups.

46. What’s really going on underneath all that makeup.

47. The color and style of clothes she will never, under any circumstances, wear.

48. How much she secretly hates you and how much you realize you actually can’t stand her.