Why Living With Toxic Roommates Helps You Handle Anything Life Throws At You

by Alexa Mellardo

Having a toxic person in your life can be draining and stressful AF.

If you're in the unfortunate situation of living with one, it can be pretty difficult to escape the negative vibes the person constantly exudes.

Toxic people try to suck the life right out of you, so you can be miserable right there with them. Whether it's out of jealousy, insecurity or personal issues, it's unacceptable and unhealthy behavior.

Where you live is your sanctuary, and you deserve to feel free... without any toxic vibes.

Take it from me: When I was in college, I had to face the roomie from hell. She stole my (super trendy) clothes, tried to bring drama into my life on the reg and fabricated the nastiest lies about me behind my back.

She tried to turn everyone in our friend group against me.

But in the end, my main girlfriends obviously came through so clutch (as they always do) and told that betch to bounce.

The toxic people never fail to get caught, and they always lose.

I've learned that whenever you're faced with a difficult roadblock in your life, the most important thing to do is identify the problem and figure out how you're going to change or improve it.

And if the problem is your toxic roomie, it's prime time to say “Peace out, bitch” sooner rather than later.

A toxic person is like a cancer: If you don't deal with it, it spreads.

BUT it's not always that easy. You can be locked into a lease or stuck in a bigger apartment with your group of “friends,” which adds a ton of drama to the overall situation.

Here's why people who've had toxic roommates in college are better prepared for the real world:

1. You're more proactive.

A bad situation forces you to become a more proactive person. If you don't plan a course of action and figure things out, you learn nothing will change.

2. You appreciate life.

Life is way too short to be dealing with people or things that drag you down.

You no longer get frustrated over the minuscule things that would normally get you upset because you've already dealt with way worse.

3. You're wiser.

Nobody said life was going to be easy: It's a learning experience.

Wisdom is something you earn in life. Everything you've been through, good and bad, has taught you something and turned you into the person you are today.

4. You see clearer.

Dealing with a toxic roommate opens your eyes to all the good things, rather than the bad. It makes you appreciate the positive people in your life who truly matter so much more.

5. You're more focused.

If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

This unfortunate situation actually encourages the changes you need in your life.

You're more focused than you've ever been before, and will avoid every single toxic person who tries to enter your life like the plague.

6. You know who your real friends are.

The friends who stuck up for you while the toxic roommate was trying to turn everyone against you? They're rare gems.

If you're blessed with incredible friends like that in your life – as I am – you know you can always count on them with your life.

Facing any demons in life is a long and difficult road. But when all is said and done, the challenge has made you so much stronger to take on the real world.