Lifestyle — Why Your College Roommate Knows You Better Than Anyone (Video)
by Tracey Zane

The bond you have with you college roommate is stickier than the floor of your college bar.

But, what exactly makes this bond so deep? Is it the late-night shenanigans and top-secret memories you've made, shared over warmed up leftovers and swore to never use as blackmail?

Or maybe it's the secret code of looks and quotes no one else seems to understand?

If not, it must be the arsenal of embarrassing moments you bring up at the most appropriate times. No rehearsal dinner speech is complete without a walk down memory lane.

This week's episode of “Gen whY” reflects on those perfect moments that prove why college roommates know you better than anyone else.

And if nothing else, it'll remind you to be nice to those you shared those college years with!

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