6 Things An Introvert Needs To Look For In A College Roomie

Finding the ultimate college roomie as an introvert is no simple task.

With people everywhere you go, it's nearly impossible to squeeze in some alone time so you can just relax and recharge.

You want your dorm room to be a serene, stress-free haven where you can retreat to at the end of a long day filled with classes.

Other times, you may feel as though you want to dip out of your comfort zone a bit. The challenge here is finding a roomie who can give you a gentle push in the right direction when you don't quite want to make the jump yourself.


Having the right roommate can make or break your entire college experience. If you don't feel comfortable in your own room, you may very well end up with no place to call your own on campus.

Luckily, knowing a few things about yourself and who you'd be most likely to get along with will help immensely in the roommate-selecting process.

Here are a few things every introvert should consider when looking for a college roommate.

1. Great Study Habits


Whether or not you have productive study skills yourself, having a roommate who does will help steer you in the right direction.

Not only will this come in handy for keeping up your grades, but it will be sure to give you some extra quiet time around the dorm.

2. Balance Between Staying In And Going Out

On the one hand, having a roomie to stay in and watch Netflix with is an absolute blessing. If you don't feel like doing anything or being social, you totally don't have to.

On the other hand, having a roommate who goes out might encourage you to do the same. If she invites you along with her for the evening, consider the amazing adventures you could have before you turn down the offer.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes, you'll need to be alone, and sometime's you'll want the good company. Other times, you'll have absolutely no clue what you want.

A roomie who goes with the flow will give you the flexibility to figure out what exactly you're in the mood for. It will help keep communication between the two of you open, which will solve a lot of common problems before they even begin.

4. A Similar Sleep Schedule

Sleep is the ultimate method of recharging, and if you and your roomie are on totally different schedules, your snooze time will be all sorts of messed up.

Instead of staying up until the wee hours of the morning to accommodate your roommate, ask for some compromise.

5. Patience


While she may really want to go out Friday night, that also may be the last thing on your mind.

Make sure you find a roomie who understands that sometimes you just don't want to do anything or see anyone. She can totally wait up for you at the party in case you decide to go, but no promises.

6. A Respect For Quiet Time

Being an introvert with a roommate who has guests over all of the time is absolute hell.

While respect is pretty necessary for any room-sharing situation, it's extra important for an introvert. You need your space, and that's something a decent roommate will understand.