7 Reasons Why Introverts Make The Best Forever Friends

by Tessa Harvey

Introverts make some of the best friends a person could ever hope to have.

Yes, it's true that introversion can make someone a little more difficult to get to know at first.

Introverts take longer to open up, and some seriously dislike going out every night of the week. But, once you've gotten to know and become close to an introvert, you'll realize your squad wouldn't be complete without them.

Here are seven reasons why introverts truly make the best forever friends.

1. They Know How To Read A Situation

Introverts are always observing the world around them.

This comes in handy when you need help decoding a situation or interpreting what someone said... they'll always be there to lend an outsider's perspective on the situation.

2. They Are Expert Listeners


Notoriously, introverts prefer to be listeners over talkers.

They value listening and contemplating what is being said more than they do being the first to get a response out. Because of this, introverts are always willing to listen to you think out loud, recap your day, or vent about a stressful work situation and any relationship woes.

3. They Are Trustworthy AF

Introverts understand just how important it is to be someone others can trust.

While they may not be the life of the party, they value and love when their friends come to them needing to get something off their chest.

You can always count on your introverted friends to confide in; betraying your trust hasn't ever crossed their mind.

4. They're Super Understanding

Many introverts are truly understanding of days when you aren't feeling up to socializing.

It's no secret introverts value their alone time, so you never have to worry about hurting their feelings if you just feel like staying in.

5. They Are Independent

Introverts are used to their own company, and they know the value of trusting oneself and functioning as their own person.

If you're friends with a true introvert, you can trust that friend won't get mad you're hanging out with other people.

Though they may see you as "their person," they recognize that both of you need to have your own fulfilling lives outside of your friendship, too.

6. They're Loyal Until The End

Aidan Meyer

An introvert's tendencies to listen and observe lead them to be extremely loyal souls in nature.

If they've decided to open up and share their world with you, they've deemed you trustworthy and important enough to be a long-term friend.

You can always trust that an introvert will value their friendship with you for as long as it exists; whether you're together daily or see one another once a year, they'll always have a place in their heart for you.

7. They Value Quality Hangs

Though the stereotype may seem like introverts prefer to be alone, that isn't quite true.

Introverts, spoken as one myself, love to be around people they are close to as much, if not more, than they love to be alone.

They value time spent building your friendship, so you can always count on them to see the latest movie or spend a night in baking cookies.

So, if you have an introvert in your life, keep them close. They'll be the truest friend you have.