20 Spontaneous, Fun Things To Do This Fourth Of July Weekend


Fourth of July weekend is basically the climax of summer.

Mostly everyone is off from work, the weather is damn close to perfect, and there's a whole lot of things to celebrate. What more could you ask for?

Fire up the grill, and set your holiday playlist on repeat all weekend long.

Here are 20 fun, spontaneous things you can do this Fourth of July weekend.

1. Have A Jungle-Themed Barbecue

Some burgers, coconut drinks, and some good company is really all you really need.

Bonus points for good music and festive props.

2. Go On A Road Trip


You don't even have to have a destination in mind. The journey is just as important.

Pack accordingly, and give yourself some spare time, just in case you run into something unexpected.

3. Host A Summer Movie Marathon

Watching the entire Harry Potter series in one weekend is practically a right of passage for movie-lovers.

If you've mastered the wizarding world, try out Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, or whatever floats your boat.

4. Take A Trip To The Beach

Whether you're oceanside or lakeside, a day by the water beats pretty much anything else.

5. Hold A Fourth Of July Bake-Off With Friends

The baking is only half the fun, you'll have to sample everything to decide the true winner. Let's hope you've saved room for dessert.

6. Visit A State Or National Park

Enjoy the best of the land that the country has to offer. Scenic views from these protected areas are breathtaking, but you're sure to discover something new in the great outdoors.

7. Celebrate With Fireworks


Watching or setting off fireworks is an American summertime staple, so take part in the fun (but be safe) this Fourth of July.

8. Dress Up... Just Because

To be quite honest, you don't need a solid reason to wear your favorite pumps or to try out a new shade of lipstick. Just go for it.

9. Visit Family And Take Some Fun Pics

Holiday weekends are the perfect time to visit with family.

Apart from the traffic, mostly everyone is off from work and in a great mood in anticipation of the holiday.

10. Attend A Sports Game

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There are sports games everywhere you look, from pro and college games to Little League.

Watching a game is a laid-back activity you can enjoy with anyone for a few hours. Add in a beer or two, and you've practically fulfilled the American Dream.

11. Go Boating And Water Skiing

Getting out on the water is arguably more fun than lounging on the shore.

This is an ideal activity for a hot day since water is a lot cooler than the land. There are not many better ways to beat the heatwave.

12. Have A Champagne Picnic

Pack a simple lunch, and grab your bestie or bae.

Just being outside is a change of scenery that will boost your mood and keep you going all day.

13. Go Out For Boozy Brunch

If you love breakfast and lunch, boozy brunch is basically heaven.

14. Start A Random Act Of Kindness


This is a simple thing that will make a big impact.

All you need to do is pay someone an unexpected compliment, or offer to buy someone's coffee. Who knows, perhaps they'll do the same for someone else.

15. Surprise A Friend With A Last-Minute Plan

This is a simple one, too.

Especially for a friend who's working over the holiday, a festive surprise can boost their mood for the whole week.

16. Take A Trip To The Bookstore

Browsing the bookstore is the perfect way to have an adventure without leaving the comfort of your hometown. It's perfect for those summer days that are just too hot to handle.

17. Pamper Yourself To The Max

A pedicure or a new haircut is always a welcome change, and it'll give you that little extra bit of happiness for the holiday weekend.

18. Reconnect With An Old Friend

Cheryl Holt/PIxabay

While everyone is having some fun in the sun, it's the perfect time to reunite with friends you haven't seen in a while. Plus, the Fourth of July is a great excuse to have a drink or two.

Cheers to that.

19. Go To A Local Fair

The fair is another summertime staple that cannot be missed. Bask in your inner youth, and let yourself enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel.

20. Have A Nap In A Hammock

You're a busy person, you deserve some decent rest.