9 Reasons You'll Always Appreciate Your Little Sister, Even When She's Annoying

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As a little sister, I'll be the first to admit I can be annoying AF. When you're the baby of the family, you get left out a lot, so you become an expert at whining in order to get noticed. I mean, look at little Anna in Frozen; she kept knocking on Elsa's door asking if she wanted to build a snowman. Girl, just let it go. Your sister needs some space.

But you know, we can't help it. Many of us look up to our big sis as an amazing role model, so our love can be a bit smothering at times. Regardless of how annoying a little sis can be, your sister is your BFF and you love her no matter what. Now that you're both adults, you can look back and be 100 percent grateful for having a little sister because of these nine reasons.

1. She's Always There For You


Your little sister was like your shadow since day one. She was always following in your footsteps. When you were little and needed someone to play games with, she was the first to jump at the chance. Now that you're older, your little sister will be the first to respond when you send an SOS text. You know you can rely on her in any given situation.

2. She's Your Biggest Cheerleader

To your little sister, you could do no wrong. She was and always will be there cheering you on. If you get a job promotion, she's posting about it on social media. If you get engaged, she's showing off adorable pictures of the happy moment to all of her friends. Your little sister is there rooting for you to succeed in all aspects of life.

3. She's Someone To Confide In


When you were little and had no one else to turn to, your little sister was right there. She kept all of your big secrets locked away, and was your one true confidant at home. You can still rely on her to be there when you just need someone to vent to.

4. She Keeps You Hip

Your little sister may very well know a little more than you about what's cool. She can tell you what exactly a "dab" is, so you can look super fly with all of your friends. You don't need to Google the new slang, because your little sister is there to be your dictionary.

5. You Can Borrow Her Clothes At All Times

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When you have a sister, it's almost like you have two closets. Even if you don't like sharing, you know in the back of your mind you have that extra closet to go snooping in when you've run out of things to wear. Your little sister is also good for when you come home from college, and didn't pack enough clothes. Her closet is now your emergency closet.

6. She Keeps You Company At Awkward Family Events

When you're at awkward family events, you cling to your little sister like a magnet. You both have made a pact that you must keep each other company. You know you can be there for each other to make those weirdly awkward conversations with relatives a lot easier.

7. She's Awesome For Excuses

Your little sister was always a good excuse for anything. If you wanted to get out of hanging with your friends, you could say you got roped into babysitting. If you wanted to go to a party, but your parents weren't sure, you could bring her along so they felt better about letting you go.

8. She Forced You To Be Responsible

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You were forced to be responsible and take care of your little sister at times. Whether you babysat her or drove her to school, you were learning responsibility early on in life. It may have been annoying that your parents forced that on you, but now you're so grateful because you got to be mature AF early on. Now, things like going to college and living on your own for the first time are much easier transitions.

9. You Have A Secret Language

You and your sister share a secret language. You have inside jokes and code words that no one else understands. You may have been annoyed with her a lot, but you knew being sisters meant you share a special bond; something that you can't just get with anyone else.