9 Blunt AF Realizations You Have Your First Summer Away From Your BFF

Jakob Owens/Unsplash

Best friends are like the platonic brothers and sisters we didn't have to fight over the bathroom with. They're always there when we need them, and they effortlessly transform our lives.

So, you can imagine the overly dramatic heartache we endure when we're apart from our bestie.

You can't deny the countless perks of summer, but going through it for the first time without your BFF by your side can leave a funny taste in your mouth.

Yes, the separation feels are that serious.

There are some blunt as hell realizations when you, summer, and your BFF aren't a fearless trilogy for the first time.

1. Activities Lose Their Spark

Remember all of those wonderful summer-esque things you planned? They don't seem as fun or even worth doing without your partner in crime around.

The initial summer fire you had may get a little dim.

2. Other People Aren't As Cool As Them

When you're blessed with an awesome main squeeze, you compare all outsiders to them, and they always seem to be less cool than your best friend.

I mean, they're your best friend for a reason, right? Quality over quantity any day.

3. No One Finds You As Funny As Your BFF Does

Laughing at inside jokes or impersonations with your best friend always seems hilarious, but other people may not be too amused by it.

Hey, at least one person thinks you're funny.

4. Change Is Unavoidable

Being stripped of your best friend will make you realize change like this will continue to happen.

There's no fighting the unknown each day holds. You just have to roll with it.

5. Life's Too Short

Clarisse Meyer/ Unsplash

OK, let the dramatics continue, but living out moments with, then without, your best friend instills this idea that nothing's permanent. The next day is never promised, either.

Hug everyone... ASAP.

6. Your Social Skills May Not Be On Point

Michael Discenza/ Unsplash

Hey, it's hard getting to know people. You made it out of the social sphere with a best friend, and that's all you needed.

Your social skills with outsiders may seem a little rusty (but completely polish-able) if you actually try.

7. You're Not Yourself Without Them Around

You know how they say you don't necessarily need your tonsils, but getting them removed is still awkward? It's the same concept with your best friend.

There's nowhere written that you need a best friend, but they're a part of you. You're not completely yourself without them around.

8. Summer Becomes Just Another Season

Everyone gets super pumped for summer because of the amazing weather, but most importantly, who you're enjoying it with.

Without that companionship, it can just turn into another portion of the year. For real, is fall here yet?

9. The World Becomes Overwhelmingly Big

Myles Tan/ Unsplash

The world is big enough as it is, but you and your BFF have subliminally created your own world together inside of the bigger one. You two aren't ignorant to the bigger world, but you've learned how to comprehend and digest it together.

It's pretty scary facing it alone.

If it's your first summer without your best friend, don't be too down in the dumps. Show some gratitude and realize they really are an important factor of your life.