The 46 Signs That Your Best Friend Is Really Your Best Friend Forever

by Zeina Salama

There’s a role for every person you meet in life. Some will teach you, some will hurt you and some will always be there for you. They will support you, take care of you and accept you just the way you are. These types of people transform from friends into unbiological siblings.

You can feel how much they want you to succeed and know that they will go to the ends of the earth to help you. They remind you that you’re strong enough for your toughest battles and will celebrate with you when you succeed. They will be the first to clap when you achieve something and the first to cry because they’re so proud of you.

They’re the people who will hold you tight and lift you when you feel like breaking down. You know she’ll be your bridesmaid, and she’s already planned a speech. Here are some of the signs that your best friend is your best friend forever:

You both sleep in the same bed and, sometimes, cuddle without thinking anything of it.

She knows all your passwords.

You spend more money on her Valentines’ gift than you do on your significant other’s.

You tear up when she achieves something.

Your ex is her biggest enemy

You stopped buying her birthday gifts because you buy each other gifts all year long.

She’s jealous that your boyfriend gets to spend so much time with you.

You owe each other so much money that you stopped keeping track.

You know her wardrobe inside-out.

She understands and respects why you’re busy and doesn’t make you feel like sh*t about it.

She “likes/retweets/favorites” your Facebook updates, tweets and Instagrams, as soon as they’re posted.

If you receive a text, she’s automatically looking at your phone and giving advice about how you should respond.

You love staying in and ordering pizza together more than going out.

You keep complaining about the same things and keep giving each other the same advice.

You’ve forwarded her so many screenshots from so many conversations, regardless of how pointless the content was.

You keep each other updated about bodily functions.

One of you is mothering and the other is childlike.

Your family and siblings forget that you’re not actually related and ask where she is at all family gatherings.

You hate the same people.

You have code names for people that others will never understand, “Did you call Orange today?”

You both get jealous if you feel like someone else is absorbing your BFF’s attention.

Nudity is the norm!

You’re Facebook friends with each other’s parents and siblings.

Sometimes you feel like you’re turning into each other.…Because you literally share everything.

You probably have a secret handshake.

You feel heartbroken when someone breaks her heart.

You’re incapable of taking a photo together that isn’t silly.

You know when she needs a hug and when she wants to be left alone.

You don’t have to offer her choices when she’s looking through your closet — she already knows every single item you own.

You share deodorant. And don’t ask first.

You know her preferred drinks and you’re a professional at making them.

If you’re going on a trip with a group, obviously everyone else knows you two are sharing a room.

You plan for each other’s birthdays a year ahead. And often, you get more excited than the actual birthday person.

Her parents always insult or embarrass you. Always.

You both would drop everything to come and console one another for any reason.

You have spoken to each other every day, even if just for 10 seconds, since the day you became best friends.

You only compliment each other when you really mean it.

You’ve made a secret language from eye contact. If you’re sitting around a big group of friends and look at each other, it’s clear what’s going through the other person’s mind.

They’re brutally honest with you about things that you wouldn’t accept from other people. “Your hair looks ugly today.” “Okay, thanks.”

When you show up alone somewhere, people ask where your other half is.

You wouldn’t share food with anyone else on earth.

If you both aren’t invited to a party, neither of you will go.

Your MacBook’s Photo Booth is full of photos of you two.

The thought of you drifting apart scares you more than a romantic breakup.

You’re both screaming on the phone, right now, because all of these qualities apply to you two.

Photo via We Heart It