10 Questions You're Sick Of People Asking You When You Turn 25

Sergei Solovev/Unsplash

Sure, age is just a number, but to some people it's a very important, defining number.

Your age can be a significant milestone in your life.

You can drive once you hit 16, you're considered an adult when you turn 18, and you can legally take shots on your 21st birthday. These are all milestone ages... and some people like to consider 25 one as well.

When you turn 25, you're smack dab in the middle of your 20s, and 30 is only five more years around the corner.

Your early 20s are made for discovery, and your late 20s are for maturity. So, what exactly is 25?

People think it's this awkward middle ground, but really it's just another year... and you're tired of people asking you these 10 questions about it.

1. How Does It Feel To Be Halfway To 30?

To be quite honest, it feels pretty much the same as last year.

Not sure if I'm supposed to be feeling some kind of stress, worry, or relief, but I don't feel any different from 24... which was literally yesterday.

2. Are You Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?

Slava Bowman/Unsplash

I have absolutely no clue what a normal quarter-life crisis is supposed to feel like either, but I'm pretty annoyed with people asking me about it.

So, if being aggravated is a quarter-life crisis, then yes, I'm definitely having one as we speak.

3. What Do You Want To Do With The Rest Of Your Life?

People will keep asking this, and honestly, no one has a right answer. I think eating, sleeping, and breathing is a pretty good one, though.

4. How Does It Feel Now That You Can Rent A Car?

It feels a whole lot cheaper than having to rent a car at 24, because now I don't have to pay all of those extra fees.

5. Are You Seeing Anyone?

No, and I don't need to be. Also, it's not really any of your business.

I'm sure I read in a fortune cookie once that a person's happiness isn't defined by whether they're in a relationship or not.

If I didn't read that, I need to start writing for fortune cookie companies ASAP, because that necessary piece of advice needs to be known.

6. Are There Wedding Bells In Your Near Future?

Tim Martinez/Unsplash

I'd really like a delicious cannoli cake in my near future, that's for sure.

7. Do You Want To Have Babies?

OK, hold up one hot second here.

Take a chill pill, and ask me this question again in like, five more years. Give me some time to travel the world and figure myself out first.

8. What's Your Dream Job?

My actual dream job is to be an international superstar, but I don't think that's the answer people would expect me to give as a 25-year-old adult.

I'll just go with something more realistic, like a senior manager role.

9. Do You Have Good Health Insurance?

Oh man, let's go back to the previous question. My dream job is one that includes good health insurance.

Next question, please.

10. Are You Tired?

Nomao Saeki/Unsplash

All the time, but please stop asking me this, because you're basically telling me I look tired.

I don't need that excess stress right now... I'm trying to find my dream job.