The Only 5 Steps You Need To Land Your Dream Job Right After College

by Shannon Ullman

This semester is coming to a close. And even though you're probably freaking out about all your finals and graduation preparations, finding a job is most likely weighing on you too.

Student loan payments are looming, and after spending the past four years in classrooms, you're hoping to score your dream job.

However, the job market is flooded with people in your same situation. It's not that easy to land your perfect job right after college. In fact, you may be struggling at the bottom of the corporate ladder for a really long time.

But there's a way to help. Here's your five-step plan to landing your dream job right after college.

1. Do something REALLY interesting.

You have some time to spare to do something REALLY interesting. Sure, getting away, experiencing something new and having a little fun will be welcome after you study for all your finals. But doing something interesting can help you land your dream job, too.

Employers are looking for people who stand out. Even though you have a degree and an internship under your belt, your resume may not look too different from those of other applicants.

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Try a backpacking trip around Asia. Volunteer to build houses in Guatemala, bike across the country, or even start your own cooking blog.

If you're able to tie in your experience with skills your potential employer might find valuable, even better.

2. Tweak all your social media accounts.

Most people know employers are scanning the internet for every long-lost Myspace picture or aggressive tweet.

Your social media accounts are easier to find and scan than you might think, and potential employers find it extremely beneficial to their hiring process.

Go through your Facebook account and untag yourself from all those frat party photos. The funny picture your brother posted of you passed out on the toilet could prevent you from getting your dream job.

You don't have to mask your accounts and pretend you don't have a life AT ALL. But be conscious of profanities, revealing pictures, complaints and politics.

3. Give your LinkedIn profile a makeover.

If you don't have a LinkedIn account, now is the time to get one.

And if you already have one, it might just need a makeover. Aside from social media platforms, employers are also looking at your professional LinkedIn page.

It gives them a little extra information than what is typically provided on a resume. Make sure to fill everything out completely, and add as many impressive components and skills as possible.

This platform is also extremely useful for networking, finding more information about companies you want to work for and actually applying to jobs.

4. Get professional help with your resume.

Writing up a resume isn't really fun, and many people think their old resumes are still relevant today.

Sure, you've probably been adding and deleting things throughout college, but your resume may need more of an upgrade than that.

What many of us have learned about writing a resume is old, and there are now new ways to make them stand out.


No matter whether it's the layout, font and colors or the actual information you list, a quality resume may not be what you think it is. Hiring a professional to help you with your resume could be the thing that gets you the job over someone else.

5. Network as much as possible.

It's not what you know; it's who you know.

Sadly, this is still relevant in today's world. This step is vital if you want to score your dream job.

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So, get out there and start talking to people. Networking has a lot of forms, from making conversation with your waiter in a restaurant to chatting with the guys in your gym locker room. Join specific networking groups in your community, as well as through online forums and social media platforms.

It's not what you know; it's who you know.

You can also go to networking events in your industry to meet more people in person, too.

With these five steps, you should be on your way to your dream job in no time. So, what are you waiting for?