Quartz Nail Art Will Add A Healing Touch To Everything In Your Life

by Rosey Baker

We've been over the healing benefits of crystals time and time again.

Whether you acknowledge their energetic healing powers or not, you have to agree crystals are pretty AF to look at.

If you're a fan of the look of natural healing crystals, I'm psyched to report rose quartz nails and himalayan salt nails are the hottest new nail trend circulating on Instagram.

While you aren't actually getting crystals painted onto your nails (thank God, heavy fingers make for slow texting) the look realistically reflects the wispy colors of the inside of a rose quartz stone.

Not to mention quartz nails are a lot less outlandish than some of the nail art trends out there right now, which means you can bring your mom to the salon for Mother's Day without her walking out horrified.

I mean we all remember cake nails, unicorn nails, and KFC flavored nails.  Internet, you crazy for that last one.

Possibly inspired by the recent geode nail trends that made the rounds, these rose quartz nails are a softer, lighter, less dramatic version of the dreamy nail trend and will have you rushing to your manicurist to get yours done.

Feast your eyes upon the work of these nail artists below.

Are these colors not the most perfect for spring?

I calm down just looking at them. Can you imagine shaking this woman's hand?

I would be absolutely hypnotized.

I mean this woman deserves an award for her patience alone. Two attempts? I can barely make it out of the salon before screwing up the first one with my restlessness.

I'd definitely leave this to the pros, but it's nice to know this trend is DIY friendly.

Absolutely stunning.

And perfect for all ages, just in time for Mother's Day. Treat the woman who raised you to a quartz nail manicure!

Thank you Instagram, for giving me something I can actually work with! When you came up with glitter undercuts I almost bailed on you entirely.

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