7 Ways To Not Ruin Your Relationship With Your Guy Friend

Zachary Nelson/ Unsplash

Ladies, if you have a guy friend, you know it can be a whole new ball game with them. Guys interpret the world differently than we do. And while you can't go wrong with a girl posse, having a dude ally has its perks.

They tend to not care about things we intently dwell on, and that can be such a breath of fresh air. You may find that you turn into a more relaxed version of yourself when you're around your guy friend. There's no room for overanalyzing things we can't control. Before you jump headfirst into a bromance, though, there are a few things to be weary of.

1. Weigh The Outcomes Before You Crush On Him

Your guy friend can seem perfect for you, but that's only because you're looking at things from the scope of him being your friend. You have to consider how you've seen them act in a relationship. Also, you really have to determine whether pursuing something more than a friendship is worth the risk of losing everything.

2. Don't Get Too Involved In Their Love Life

He may ask you for advice, but you sort of need to leave it at that. Unless he wants to introduce you to his love interest, don't push it. You should mostly just be there to listen.

3. Keep The Conversations Balanced

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Clearly, if you have a guy friend, you can't keep reiterating how in love you are with the new bronzer you got at Sephora. And maybe you have no idea what fantasy football is, but you're willing to talk about it. Keeping the conversation infused with both of your interests won't make the friendship seem one-sided.

4. Jealousy Is Not An Option

Again, if you find yourself delving into feelings for your guy friend, address it quick. He's going to be dating other women, and you shouldn't feel jealousy over it. Also, you risk tormenting yourself.

5. Don't Mistake Straightforwardness For Being Mean

Guys can be brutally honest about everything. If you lay out the situation you're having with a guy you're dating, and your bro is short and to the point about it, you can't get upset. Usually, the stuff they say isn't something we want to hear but need to hear and understand.

6. Don't Swoon Over Their Compliments

You're a girl, and regardless of how cool you and your guy friend are, he might very well be attracted to your anatomy. Don't let it get to your head, though, if he says you look nice or something. He's your friend, and there's no use of getting bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because of a nice compliment from him.

7. Preserving Salty Feelings Is Pointless

If you have a group of best male friends in your life, they probably don't catch onto feelings that aren't voiced on the reg. Negative body language flies right over their heads. If you're upset over something, do not assume they've caught on to your pout and crossed arms. Speak up ASAP.

Having a go-to guy friend is awesome. No offense to the ladies, because they're great, too. But if you approach your guy friend with an open mind, you're in for a loyal AF friendship.