13 Struggles You Endure When You're An Extremely Straightforward Girl

by Gigi Engle

Being a direct, straightforward person has a lot of perks. You’re forthcoming; you don’t beat around the bush and are confident in your decisions.

You’re sure of yourself and aren’t reluctant to make that known.

People know exactly what they’re getting with you. You’re a no-nonsense, Type A tigress and you’re always on top of your sh*t. People do not f*ck with you.

But like everything, it has its drawbacks. People often lean on you far more than they should and you can offend someone without even thinking about it.

Your sharp tongue and acerbic wit can get you into trouble and you have to figure out how to remedy the situation. That is, if you care enough -- which you often don’t because you have bigger fish to fry.

Being straightforward means not having a filter. You say what’s on your mind and you expect others to do the same.

Unfortunately, this won’t always happen; you’ll find yourself being labeled an enormous, unapproachable C-word more frequently than you deem appropriate.

With that said, here are 13 struggles an acutely-straightforward person understands all too well:

1. Your blunt delivery is often misinterpreted as bitchiness.

You say exactly what you’re thinking. If someone is doing something that's pissing you off, you automatically open your trap about it.

When your coworker is failing to use his "inside voice" or your roommate is incessantly tapping his foot against the kitchen table, you better believe you’re going to tell them both to cut it the f*ck out. Hence, people think you’re a bonafide bitch.

2. You have absolutely no filter.

Thoughts that spark in your mind always seem to come out of your mouth.

This can be really unfortunate in situations that require any sort of delicate care. You’re like the proverbial bull in the china shop when it comes to social situations.

You’ll straight up tell a person you just met all about your political views or thoughts on celebrity gossip. You don’t have any shame and you don’t care.

3. People get really offended by the things you say.

You find that you’re constantly pissing people off. People are decidedly more sensitive than you are and, therefore, they get butt hurt frequently.

Unfortunately (for them), you don’t really give a sh*t, so you will never change your behavior.

The only downside is any overly-sensitive person who has an encounter with you will probably remove you from the guest list at any future parties.

4. You always speak the truth, even when it hurts.

People can’t always handle the truth, but you’re going to give it to them anyway. You see it as a disservice to lie to someone because a lie will only temporarily place a Band Aid over the bigger issue at hand.

If your friend asks you if that top looks good on her and it absolutely does not, you’re going to tell her. In the end, if she goes out looking like a hot mess, it’s going to reflect poorly on the both of you.

5. Annoying people are drawn to you.

You’re like catnip for annoying people. Loudmouths, clingers -- the whole bunch -- want to be your BFF. You’re constantly staving off coffee invitations from mouth breathers and gossips.

These type of people think that when you tell them they’re annoying AF, that you’re “simply hilarious.” It’s a struggle, for real.

6. You are never afraid to say exactly what you think to anyone.

You aren’t afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. Your mind just doesn’t work that way.

Some people might think, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t say (blank) because it could hurt so-and-so’s feelings.” Not you. You will say exactly how you feel about anything, anytime.

7. Your boss doesn't scare you.

Where most people tend to be intimidated by their boss, you just aren’t. You appreciate her as a superior and as a person in a position of power, but you view her as an equal human and treat her as such.

You have no problem completing everything you’re assigned with gusto, but she knows not to talk down to you because you command yourself as a person who deserves respect.

In this sense, you’re better off with laid-back bosses as opposed to "crazy" ones. You would have told the lady in “The Devil Wears Prada” to shove it up her ass.

8. Your friends sometimes avoid talking about that time they did (blank).

Because you will judge them and tell them how monstrously stupid their actions were.

It also doesn’t help that you always own up to your mistakes, so when they try to shy away from them in shame, they have your solid morals to size themselves up against.

9. You're automatically the leader in every situation.

Whether it's plans with friends or projects at work, you always take the lead. Your friends have come to rely on you for everything.

They have no idea where you’re eating or what bars you’re going to hit up after. They just assume you have it all figured out. Luckily for them, you always do.

10. You're extremely sarcastic.

With straightforwardness comes a sarcastic sense of humor.

There have been many instances when you’ve said something sarcastic and had people stare at you with empty eyes because they aren’t sure if you’re joking or being a bitch.

You have caustic wit and being direct and purposeful complements that attribute.

11. TMI can be a real problem.

You’re completely open with your life, so you have no problem disclosing all the gritty details of your sex life or your partying habits.

If a friend asks you how your romantic night with your boyfriend was, you’ll take that as an opportunity to relay all of the details of your back-to-back orgasms.

You always wonder why someone would ask if she didn’t really want to know.

12. You have zero patience for stupidity.

Stupid people make you want to blind yourself with acid. You have absolutely no tolerance for stupidity.

When stupid people take up time in your presence, you find yourself needing to walk away on a regular basis so you won’t scream in their stupid, uninformed faces.

13. Other people frustrate you because they're never on their game quite like you are.

You feel like most people don’t have the drive you do. Your closest friends are people who have a drive for success.

You cut out the friends in your life who didn’t have quite the passion you did. You’re direct in your everyday life and you’re headed directly to the top.

And you have no problem telling people to get the f*ck out of your way.

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