If You Answer "Yes" To These 5 Questions, You're In A One-Sided Friendship

by Tessa Harvey

There's something particularly hurtful about a one-sided friendship.

Friends are supposed to be your supporters, and your motivators. Your bestie should be someone you can lean on and share endless laughs with.

But sometimes, a friendship just falls flat.

You both might not be as comfortable as you used to be with each other. Maybe you're in different stages of life, whether that has to do with your career, significant other, or where you're located on the grid.

When a friendship becomes one-sided, it can be quite difficult to see what's going on, and even harder to let that person go.

I'll make it a bit easy for you; if you can answer "yes" to these five questions, the chances are pretty high you're in a one-sided friendship.

1. Do Your Texts Look Disproportionate?


Are your texts a string of messages from you, with no answer from your so-called "best friend?"

Does your friend usually reply in one or two-word responses?

If so, this is definitely a major sign of a one-sided friendship.

A true forever friend will make a genuine effort to take time out of their day to chat with you. If they aren't, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your friendship.

2. Do You Initiate Every Hangout?

Just think about the times you've hung out with your friend in the past few months.

Who initiated those plans? If the answer is skewed toward y-o-u, your friend is probably pulling away.

This tells you that if you aren't initiating the hangout, it probably isn't going to happen.

3. Are They On Their Phone 24/7 When You're Together?

Matthew Kane/Unsplash

When you do hang out, does your friend spend most of the time checking their phone? Whether or not they have texts to answer, a one-sided friend will probably be a little too attached to their phone.

If they're scrolling through their Instagram feed over dinner, they aren't very interested in being there.

4. Are They Making Low-Key Sarcastic Remarks?

How does your friend react when you update them on your life? They don't need to be sympathetic, but if their go-to response is a dig at you, or even an apathetic mumble of agreement, they'd probably rather not be listening.

If this happens, do yourself a favor and find a friend who's actually interested in hearing about you and what's going on in your life.

5. Do You Seem To Go Weeks Without Seeing Them?

Luke Ellis-Craven/Unsplash

When is the last time you've seen your friend?

If you have to think hard to pinpoint the date, it could be a major sign of a one-sided friendship... and the both of you may be to blame on this one.

No hard feelings; sometimes friendships fall apart.

Spend your time focusing on friendships that are fulfilling, and you'll be so much happier.