What Every Girl Wants Her Best Guy Friend To Know

by Camellia Ghotbzadeh

To my best guy friend,

First of all, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for putting up with my sh*t, no matter what that sh*t it might have been. From calling you at 3 am to help me with one of our friends or just letting me hang out at your apartment when I didn't feel like being social, you were always there. Our friendship has become something I can always go back to and enjoy no matter how far apart we might become or even how much time has passed since we last spoke.

I've been blessed to get to know every bit of you and I know it's been a great time we've had together. I can only hope that this friendship continues on into the future, so we can look back on the memories we've shared and look to the memories and times we will enjoy together in the future.

Thank you for always allowing me to rely on you to make me laugh and make me feel good about myself, whether it's refuting my snarky self or just making fun of me in a way I can't help but laugh at. You've become more than a friend to me; you've become some a sort of a safe haven for me. That's not to say I don't have other friends I can rely on besides you, but our friendship seems different from others.

Although we haven't known each other for that long, it feels like it's been years. Somehow I feel safe with you in a way that it is rare and unique to just us. We can go for hours on end spending time together without saying a word and that's what I love, the simplicity of just being around each other.

For some reason, I can't do that with just anyone. It seems that when we spend time together — even if it's with other people — I can trust you to take care of me and make me feel cared about and appreciated. When I look over at you, you always seem to give me the smile that reassures me that I'm important to you and you have my back no matter what.

Also, thank you for pretending to be my boyfriend during the numerous times I've been hit on by creepy guys. You always look out for my best interest, especially when it comes to being honest. One of the most important things I'd like to say is thank you for being honest and giving your unfiltered opinion even though you knew how hard it was to hear.

Whether I like to admit or not, your honesty allowed me to make the right decisions and figure out who I am as a person. I now know that a lot of times, we have to fall before we can rise up again and we are able to control how things affect us in life. When I go through difficult times, I feel as if I can tell you anything without any judgment or criticism.

In terms of relationships, and when you women come and go in your life, I promise to think of your best interest and to give you the best advice possible so I can be as amazing as a friend as you are to me. I know that a lot of times, things may not work out in our favor, but I'm glad I have you to lean on when I'm happy or sad or anything in-between.

I'm lucky I have someone to go through life with and allow me to not just be a better person, but a better friend to others. Thank you for continuously being there for me with advice for pretty much every guy I've dated during the course of our friendship.

More than anything, thank you for being there for me with zero questions when it seemed like no one else was or even understood what I was going through. You're more than just a friend, you're my brother and no matter how many guys come and go in my life, I know you're the one I'll always come back to.

With love, Your best girl friend