7 Things You Need To Get Straight About The Girl With Mostly Guy Friends

Duri from Mocup/Unsplash

There's certainly nothing wrong with girls who have mostly guy friends.

Human connection happens naturally, no matter what gender you are. Guys and girls can let those friendly vibes flow without their bond having anything to do with sex.

Girls who find complete peace with their male crowd aren't suffering from girl deprivation; they just like what they like, and that's that.

So, before you judge the girl who surrounds herself with an awesome bro squad, understand a few things about her first.

1. She's Not Crushing On Any Of Them

Stop it.

Humans of the opposite sex are more than able to be cordial without intimacy. Give humankind a little more credit than that.

Friendship certainly precedes actual relationships in some instances, but it's definitely not the case for the girl with mostly guy friends.

2. She's Not Opposed To Having Lady Friends

Again, having girlfriends is great, but there are some catty qualities that could make any person want to stray away from them. This isn't saying guys don't have drama, but it's usually not a prolonged drama like some female soap operas.

Who wouldn't want a loyal girl pal?

3. She Isn't Necessarily "Just Like One Of The Guys"

Some people like to strip a woman of her femininity when she has mostly guy friends. The guys in her inner circle may even be guilty of this as well.

A woman can still be feminine even if she gravitates more toward men as her friends.

4. She's Probably A Dope Wing Woman

Hey, who says a girl can't use her social skills to stir up a convo for one of her guy friends?

Women are intuitive AF, so she's able to get a better vibe on where you're going wrong in your small talk game and approach.

5. She's Comfortable In Her Skin

Kayla Snell

She can always be her complete self around her group of guy friends... from her sense of humor, to whatever the heck she feels comfortable wearing.

Needless to say, chilling out on the couch watching a great comedy in sweatpants on a Friday night with her mains? Totally down.

6. She Can Always Be Brutally Honest

Men are extremely honest around each other.

Because the girl with mostly guy friends is around this unfiltered honesty a lot, that way of thinking rubs off on her.

7. She's Not Some Guy Whisperer

Just because she has mostly guy friends, that doesn't mean she has some unspoken playbook to decode men. If anything, she's probably a tad more confused because she's exposed to a different side of guys on the regular.

Girls with mostly guy friends have no intention of standing out. A friend is a friend at the end of the day.