Focus On These 3 Parts Of Your Zodiac Chart To See If You're Truly Compatible

by Rosey Baker
Emmanuel Hidalgo

Most people go by the same old rules when it comes to compatibility in astrology. Fire and air signs go together, just like earth and water do, and signs of the same element (earth, fire, air, and water) all work well.

But to really understand your compatibility with another person's sign, you have to look a little deeper into their (and your own) zodiac chart.

Real compatibility in the zodiac depends on a number of factors, including Mercury and the Sun sign, but is most dependent on compatibility between your Moon, Venus, and Mars signs in your respective charts.

To look up what sign under yours and your partner's Mars, Venus, and Moon, we suggest using Astrostyle's chart calculator.


The planet Mars rules your vitality and sexuality. Its placement reveals what really makes you tick and what gets you revved up. Finding out what sign your Mars is in shows what makes you angry, and how you express that anger with others, or how you might fail to express it.

Finding out you and your partner's Mars sign will reveal what you truly desire and how you go about getting it. Someone with their Mars in Aries will always be the one to make the first move, whereas someone with their Mars in Pisces might be turned off by someone who aggressively goes after them.

By discovering the sign position of this important planet, you'll find out exactly how your sexuality and your drive differs from those of your partner.


While the sign position of Mars shows how your sexuality differs from your partner, the sign position of Venus shows how to make those differences work. Venus rules grace and charm. It is the planet that rules what we value, and what gives us pleasure in life, as well as how we nurture ourselves and others.

By discovering your Venus sign, you gain insight into your partners' tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what makes them happy.

Venus is a harmonious planet; where your Mars sign shows what makes you act, your Venus sign shows how you react. Where Mars shows how you might pursue others, Venus shows how you might like to be pursued.

When we are acting out the qualities of our Venus sign, we are at our most well-mannered. We make compromises, are kind, and tactful through the expression of our Venus sign, and not always in the same way.

Someone with their Venus in Virgo may not cry for you when your apartment is broken into, but they will see to it that all your needs are met by allowing you to stay with them, helping you file any insurance paperwork, and cleaning up the mess.


Your moon sign in the natal chart can make traditionally incompatible zodiac relationships work incredibly well. If you're a Sagittarius but your moon is in Pisces, you could have the sensitivity most Sagittarians  lack to carry on a successful relationship with your Pisces partner.

This is because the moon rules our emotions, how we express these emotions, and our deepest personal needs. The moon shows you how you instinctively react to situations that baffle you. The moon is an irrational planet ruling the subconscious and our relationships with our mothers (which can be ...intense), and it therefore it expresses itself in spontaneous, emotional ways.

In relationships, if you're trying to understand why your partner might be reacting in a way they otherwise don't, they might be acting out of their moon sign.

For instance, I'm a Pisces, known for being sensitive, nurturing, and understanding. However, my Moon sign is in Virgo, known for being logical, critical, and analytical.

When I am acting out my moon sign, I become critical and judgmental of others in a cruel way. I'll find myself getting offended just by the way someone washes their hands and will let them know out of the blue that they're disgusting, which confuses everyone who knows me as someone who is otherwise helpful, kind and understanding.

This is just the expression of the Moon (emotions) through Virgo (a logical, unemotional sign).

Knowing the sign placement of your Mars, Venus, and Moon will vastly improve your understanding of yourself and your partner through your natal chart, and could broaden and deepen your understanding of astrology as a whole.

But most of all, it will help you figure out whether or not you want to keep boning that guy you met on Tinder.