What It Means For Each Zodiac Sign When The Moon Is In Aries

Hey Rosebud, So I'm super into astrology myself, but I was hoping you could explain what it means when the horoscope says stuff like 'tomorrow's moon is in Aries' in every single one of the personalized horoscopes. Does the moon being in a certain sign affect all of us? If so, how? Sincerely, Moon On Fire
Kylah Benes-Trapp

Hey Moon On Fire,

Great question. Truly, I'm grateful you asked.

When the moon is in Aries, it affects all of us in a similar way.

Although the effects may be subtle for some and stronger for others, we are all bound to feel it.

First of all, the moon is the ruler of our emotions and symbolizes our relationships to our mother, our home and those we nurture, like our children, our best friends and our pets.

The moon rules our instinctual nature, our unconscious, our true motivations and our subconscious.

Having a nurturing, sensitive planet like the moon in the most aggressive of signs can be challenging.

It's bound to make us all feel a little emotionally competitive, restless and irritable unless we channel our energy into a project.

Aries like to win, so with a moon in this sign, we run the risk of putting a ton of nurturing energy into someone who doesn't want our help.

With anyone you meet under an Aries moon, you might feel as if they're being aggressively nurturing, or you might feel the aggressive need to nurture them.

It's important to channel your energy into your OWN life when the moon is in this sign so you don't get trapped in a codependent cycle.

Vision boarding, starting a new exercise routine or participating in acts of self-love will give you the proper channel to funnel all that energy, and it's bound to produce powerful results.

Have a beautiful weekend!