8 Television Characters Who Just Can't Get It Together, And Are Literally You


Being flawed is the one thing we all have in common (besides, you know, being human beings).

Whether you're a person who is incredibly forgetful, always making bad decisions, or always putting yourself through unnecessary life transitions, we all have stuff we wish we could change about some of our personality traits and habits.

Perhaps this is why we fall in love with imperfect characters on television or at the very least, fall in love with hate-watching them.

Here are a few television characters that have an area in their life they just can't get together, and who remind us of well... us (ugh).

1. Hanna From Pretty Little Liars

Many of the situations that Hanna finds herself in on the Pretty Little Liars show are totally due to the stalker, "A", who has been terrorizing her and her best friends throughout their entire high school years.

The rest is all Hanna. As soon as she is going through something stressful, she shuts down and pushes the people she loves away with the misunderstanding that no one else will "get" what she's going through or that she is somehow a burden.

Plenty of people deal with their troubles this way without realizing their family and friends are in their lives to enjoy it with them, and to be there when crap hits the fan.

2. Rose From Golden Girls

Betty White is the gem she is today because she played our beloved Rose on the Golden Girls. She was a little air-headed, very obsessed with stories about growing up in the mid-western town of St. Olaf, and always the last to catch on to any jokes or sarcastic quips.

But she was exceptionally sweet and that's why her besties loved her. You might not always be the first to get the joke either, and that's cool. Just remember there's a Betty White who the world adores because she first played a flawed person trying to figure it all out, just like you.

3. Lynn From Girlfriends

Lynn was one of the four star characters in the iconic sitcom, GirlfriendsAll of the women — Lynn, Joan, Toni and Maya — graduated from the same college and maintained their friendship after. But Lynn is the only one of the crew who can never hold a job. Or a relationship. Or a home.

She often mooches off her girlfriends, who love her and put up with it temporarily — until they get tired and kick her out and into the home of the next girlfriend who has probably kicked her out before also.

Lynn was so busy being the 2000s version of our beloved hippie, Denise Huxtable, that she didn't have her life in order at all.

We've all been in a spot (usually not as long as Lynn), where we just weren't holding anything together as well as we should. It's comforting to watch someone else trying to figure it out to know we're not alone.

4. Cole From Martin

Martin, is the hit sitcom show starring comedian, Martin Lawrence. Although he and the many hilarious characters he dressed up as were the heart of the show, the series would not have been the same without Martin's crew. This was made up of his girlfriend Gina, her best friend Pam, his best friend Tommie and his other friend, Cole.

Cole was hilarious because he was always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, which would be funny to watch, but not always the best thing for Martin.

He isn't the only one with diarrhea of the mouth. Some of us blurt things out at the worst possible time, and often, it's the truth, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get us into trouble.

It also doesn't mean you aren't still a good friend. Cole was always there for Martin and whenever Cole got himself into something, Martin was right there, too.

5. Raven Baxter From That's So Raven

You may not be a psychic like Raven Baxter was on the Disney channel series, That's So Raven, but you just might be the person who always tries to fix situations but ends up making them worse. That was literally the story of Raven's life.

She would get a vision, usually a single scene that offered little context, and if she didn't like that scene, she'd do everything possible to try and keep it from going down.

Her actions usually only contributed to the situation she was trying to stop and she'd put on her sad face and apologize profusely.

Life always moved on, and her friends and family always knew she only had the best of intentions.

6. Steve Urkel From Family Matters

Urkel has a heart of gold, but he is clumsy as all get out. He knocks things down, drops everything, would lose his own head if it weren't connected to his body, and drives the Winslow family nuts when he reacts to the mess with his famous, "Did I do that?" line.

But no need to worry if you and Urkel have this in common. According to a 2007 University of Delaware study, most people who are klutzes were just born that way. It has no effect on your awesomeness.

7. Cookie Lyon From Empire

You might be surprised to see the ever-tough Cookie Lyon on this list, but this is exactly where she belongs.

While she is a boss at running her portion of the Empire record label, her love life is in shambles because every time she falls for a great guy, she talks herself out of it for the sake of her conniving ex-husband, Lucious.

Their on-again, off-again shenanigans are why she keeps money flowing in, yet can't do the same with real love.

You may be similar to Cookie if you talk yourself out of the good in life based on any of the bad that has happened to you.

The important thing you and Cookie should know is that no matter what your past looks like, you deserve some true happiness and to put yourself first sometimes.

8. Marnie From Girls

Marnie is the girl you love to hate on Girls (presumably more than the show's main character, Hannah) because she has all of the makings of a terrible person. She cheats, helps other people cheat, is routinely insensitive, and often only thinks about herself.

All of this stems from her needing to be liked and be the center of attention because she is seemingly and dangerously insecure.

All of us have been in a position where we cared a little too much about what others think of us and let that turn us into not so favorable people.

Moral of the story? We all come with a very specific amount of BS that we're working through. Go easy on yourself, and realize that some of your greatest flaws can be turned into strengths.

And even if they don't, you've got people in your life who love you anyway — which is really the best thing you could ask for.