If Your College Roomie Can't Answer These 10 Questions, It Isn't Real Friendship

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College is all about meeting new people and making friends as an adult. It's a bit more difficult than in elementary school when you bonded with the girl who had a cool snack at the lunch table. Now, you have to get to know someone on a deeper level to become true best friends.

Some of us welcome our college roomie into our lives as our BFF from the get-go. It's easy when you live with someone to form a relationship. However, just because she's literally right there doesn't always mean the friendship is genuine. Sure, you may know a lot about your college roomie, and maybe you've even set some ground rules, but are you really paying close attention to the status of your friendship? If your college roomie can't answer these 10 questions, maybe the friendship isn't as real as you would like it.

1. "What's Her Favorite Meal?"

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You live together, so you most likely eat a lot of meals in the dining hall together. Sure, she knows what you like to eat, but a true friend knows exactly what your favorite meal is -- all the way down to the condiments. You rave about it whenever you explore a new pizza joint (if that's your style), and any friend who is actually listening knows.

2. "What's Her Dream Job?"

Your roommate knows what your major is, but only those who are true friends know what your dream job is. She knows you keep your eyes on the prize to reach the ultimate end goal of that diploma. And, of course, she's cheering you on to go get it.

3. "What's Her Favorite Chick Flick?"

When you're in college, you probably keep a stash of your favorite movies by your bed. Sometimes, you just need your all-time favorites readily available for when you're stressed TF out. Your roomie should know what your favorite movie is, because it's the one you throw on all the time for no reason whatsoever, and you're constantly quoting it.

4. "How Can You Tell When She's In A Bad Mood?"

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You're bound to run into a few roadblocks with your college roommate. A true friend knows when you're upset before you even say anything. So, if your roommate is a true friend, she knows just how to approach you to talk about it, and has you feeling better in no time.

5. "Who's Her Celebrity Crush?"

Your roommate can most likely guess from the posters on the wall and your DVD collection who your celebrity crush is. This is very valuable information for any birthday present, too. It's also valuable information when you're out and need a good wing woman to find you the closest thing you can get to a Ryan Gosling doppelgänger.

6. "What's Her Go-To Style?"

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You may share a closet, so you both know every outfit you have, and your roomie should be an expert on what your style is. She can go to any store and pick out clothes you would absolutely love. She even knows what your favorite outfit is because it's the one you wear the most.

7. "What Are The Essentials To Make Her Feel Better?"

When you get a bad grade, or if the person you've been dating ends things, your roomie should know what the go-to essentials are to get you feeling back to normal. She should know what your favorite movie is, your beloved snack food, and even the songs you love to jam out to. She can treat you to a night of all of your favorite things to cheer you up.

8. "What's Her Favorite Song To Belt Out?"

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We all fall victim to it; we sing like we just DGAF when we're at home. You may belt it out in the shower, or just when you forget people are actually around, so your roommate has definitely heard you break out into song once or twice. She knows exactly what song you would pick at karaoke.

9. "Is She An Introvert Or Extrovert?"

Your roommate knows how you feel about going out or staying in. She knows if you like talking to people, or if you're more of a listener. She would never pressure you into going to an apartment party when she knows you'd rather stay in and play board games.

10. "What's Her Biggest Pet Peeve?"

A true friend knows what's a deal breaker with you. You've vented to her about your biggest pet peeve enough so that she knows to never do it. She can totally sympathize and gets it when you're upset because someone else is doing it.