If Your BFF Can't Answer These 12 Questions, It Isn't Real Friendship

Your best friend in the entire world supplies you with everything you need so that your life seems somewhat stable. It's a friendship we don't necessarily ask for, but are more than grateful we have. And even if the friendship happened unexpectedly, we are thankful for the universe's slip up.

A BFF is privy to every corner of who you are, even the portions you're working on. There's no handbook to being someone's best friend; you just take the time to know someone inside and out. So, if you know your other half puts in work as an awesome best friend, they should be able to answer these questions about you, their number one partner in crime.

1. "What does your bestie fear the most?"

Whether you're afraid of clowns, failure, or being in love with someone, your BFF should be able to answer this one with no doubts. She knows what makes you cover your eyes like a panda or run for the hills. You know all of her fears, too.

2. "Who was the first person to break her heart?"

Those deep talks shouldn't go to waste. Your BFF knows almost as much about your emotional scars as you do your own. She either walked you through them, or helped heal them.

3. "What's on her 20s bucket list?"


Your best friend should want to knock a few of those special things off your bucket list with you. You two may even share some of the same things. It's time to get on it!

4. "What makes her tick or cry?"

Sometimes, you need a gatekeeper for situations that can potentially make you mad or sad. Your ride or die knows what these things are. She can divert them, or at least cushion the blow.

5. "What's her dating preference?"

Can anyone say epic #wingwoman? A best friend can pinpoint who you'd drool over and who you'd most likely clash heads with. She also knows when the person at the end of the bar has been checking you out all night.

6. "Who does she look up to the most?"

Hey, your bestie may be number one on your list of important people. But if she's not, she sure knows who inspires you to be the amazing person you are. But, let's be real: She probably made the cut.

7. "What's her favorite color?"


This sounds a bit elementary, but it's simple and worth knowing about your BFF. I mean, why else would you have pink shoes, phone cases, and sweaters? She should know the sitch.

8. "What's her go-to dance song?"

Everyone has that one song they can't help but sing out loud every time it comes on. Roll those car windows down, and belt it at the top of your lungs like you just don't care. Whether it's enriched with a cherished memory, or just has a good beat, you can't get enough of it.

9. "What's her snack of choice?"

Crunchy, salty, sweet, or all of these things put together, your BFF has to know what you like to munch on. If not, how will they know what to bring when you watch that awesome chick flick on Netflix? Priorities, people.

10. "Who was her high school prom date?"


The past is almost just as important as the present. It makes us who we are, and your BFF knows close to every detail about it. Also, you both may get a laugh out of how much you've changed since high school.

11. "Does she have a difficult time opening up to new people?"

Again, no matter how uncomfortable, you can't help but share your whole life with your BFF. They may not have been around during each one of your phases, but they're here now, and willing to understand what makes you, you. Your bestie comes with a judgement-free zone.

12. "What always makes her laugh?"

Liderina/ Shuttershock

OK, enough with the deep stuff. We're all guilty of mercilessly laughing at something that might not even be that funny to other people. Any real best friend knows what makes you LOL, and has no problem acknowledging it. So, if your BFF can answer most, if not all, of these questions, you've got yourself a solid friendship. Don't let them go.