The Ad For Pornhub's New Virtual Reality Section Is Absolutely Hilarious

Pornhub is basically the Google of boobies and weiners.

From its amazing ad campaigns and its infographics of porn searches to its total domination of the jizzing market -- the people at Pornhub established themselves as being on the front lines of the pretending-to-make-a-baby industry.

The newest venture? Virtual reality.

The site partnered with BaDoinkVR (yeah, real name) to bring the world a steady supply of content for Oculus Rift-type virtual reality goggles.

I'm just picturing people getting walked in on and not noticing because all they can see is bukkake, and their moms have to tap them on the shoulders or throw shoes at them to get them to stop.

Warning: There is some possibly very racist depiction of a Mexican gentleman in this. I agree, it is not funny.


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