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6 FashionTok Stars Predict Fall & Winter 2023’s Most FYP-Worthy Trends

The cute and cozy clothes, jewelry, colors, and silhouettes your faves are coveting.

Interview by India Roby
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If “TikTok made me buy it” is your go-to phrase, then chances are you get a lot of your style inspiration from #BeautyTok and #FashionTok. Looking for cosmetics to make the most enviable look? TikTok’s fave drag queens can tell you which makeup products are worth the splurge. Looking for the most FYP-worthy clothes and accessories for next season? That’s where fashion content creators come in to play. The app is the incubator of sartorial inspo that has shifted and influenced the way people shop — and the platform’s most beloved FashionTok stars are the faces behind the trends everyone seeks, especially as the seasons change.

As the summer heat fades into cooler temperatures, the need to swap out cute thongkinis for cozy knits is at an all-time high. But the silhouettes and colors that were in style last year may not fit your current preferences. Thankfully, while you’ve been busy listening to “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” on repeat and ordering everything Starbucks’ latest fall menu, Elite Daily’s been catching up with creators and curators like Paige Taylor, Mallory Morris, and Rian Phin to get their fall and winter 2023 trend forecasts. Think: leather moto jackets and chunky loafers (which never go out of style); sleek trousers and deep-hued handbags; plus all the customizable options. Below, you’ll find the garments, jewelry, shoewear, and more that’ll be all over your fave’s feeds (and your FYP).

Mallory Morris’ (@malloryonthemoon) Fall/Winter 2023 Faves

As a Florida-based lifestyle creator and avid thrifter, Mallory Morris (she/her) knows a thing or two about finding the best pieces for a steal.

Since accessories that aren’t scarves or gloves are the most underrated parts of a fall/winter wardrobe, Morris is making sure to add inexpensive yet stunning chunky jewelry to her upcoming seasonal rotation. “I love adding statement jewelry to my outfits because it can elevate a look even if it’s leaning more casual,” she tells Elite Daily.

Her shopping cart includes charm necklaces that can be customized, with Hart jewelry being at the top of the list, but there are a slew of personalized options out there for every budget — like the ones from celeb-approved brand Frasier Sterling. “You can personalize your own chunky charm necklace with things you love and are meaningful,” she says. “It’s also such a great conversation starter.”

Seasons come and go, but one thing that doesn’t? Platform shoes. Around this time of year, sandals are swapped out for all things chunky (see: the aforementioned jewelry). For Morris, there’s nothing more on-brand with autumnal festivities than loafers, with Dr. Marten’s platform loafer being her favorite purchase of the year. “I wear my Dr. Marten platform loafers with any outfit,” she says. “They’re so versatile and honestly my most worn shoe during the fall and winter seasons.”

Patchwork details are another must-shop this season and, according to Morris, Los Angeles-based shop Oddli makes the best customized shirts out there — for less than $100 at that — coming in colorways that fit the fall agenda. “They have baby tees, long sleeves, and other various items,” she explains. “Everything is sustainably made in LA, and you can customize a shirt to say anything you want.”

Rian Phin’s (@thatadult) Fall/Winter 2023 Faves

Rian Phin (she/they), a creator focused on fashion theory and commentary online, has a knack for intentional shopping, with their personal style inspired by menswear, mid-2000s casual fashion, and alternative silhouettes.

Knitwear is a top priority to shop amid temperature drops, which highlights Freya Mckee’s crochet cutout top as a need for fall. “I love Freya’s designs; she’s great at personal storytelling through her work in a way that captures broader understandings,” Phin says. “This knit cutout top adds texture and dimension to an outfit and embodies early 2000s casual style, mixed with futuristic silhouettes. It feels like a strong ‘embracing and reclaiming girlhood’ moment.”

For those in-between weather days, Phin recommends adaptable yet stylish boleros, aka shrugs. They love Maroske’s Peech Bolero, a “genuinely warm but spicy addition that elevates a look immediately,” which is priced at $160, but there are plenty of cozy (and less expensive) alternatives that are easy to pair with any outfit. “You can wear it with simple outfits or more exciting 2000s-inspired weird girl looks,” they say. “It also works well with more revealing dresses and fun outfits while maintaining a good body temp for the weather.”

Just because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean you have to give up fantasy dressing. Phin is keeping up with the aesthetic via fun maxi skirts, with Mew Swim’s skirt ($1,091) being one of her must-haves for fall for its utility (giant pockets included) and effortlessly flowy feel. If ruched maxis feel like the cold-weather staple for you but you find yourself *crying in broke college student*, you can find similar offerings under $100 at retailers such as Urban Outfitters.

Paige Taylor’s (@paigetaylor.s) Fall/Winter 2023 Faves

With a community of over 7 million followers, 19-year-old internet sensation Paige Taylor (she/her) is beloved for her animated GRWM videos and daily vlogs. She finds her style inspiration through streetwear and athleisure, and keeps her wardrobe fun and exciting via trends, making her an expert on the best finds for fall.

When it comes to adding new pieces to her rotation, Taylor points out Girlfriend Collective’s Bike Unitard. “I love one-pieces,” she tells Elite Daily. “They’re so cute not only in the summer, but with a big sweater and some platform UGGs, they’re perfect for fall.” The content creator also recommends pairing unitards with a cozy crew neck and some sneakers for an “easy on-the-go look.”

The change of seasons brings a different color palette, especially when it comes to handbags. For everyday wear, Taylor is opting for deeper hues that feel the most like autumn. “I’m a huge fan of dark green and dark red,” she says. “Colors that are cute to introduce into fall and winter.” It’s no wonder JW Pei’s Carly Saddle Bag, a croc-embossed faux leather purse, is bound to be her most-carried this season. “Purses like these are the perfect way to spice up an outfit, too,” she adds.

Makenzie & Malia’s (@makenzieandmalia) Fall/Winter 2023 Faves

Makenzie and Malia (both she/her) are lifestyle creators and BIG SIS ENERGY podcast hosts who have taken the internet by storm. The two sisters are only a year apart — Makenzie is 19; Malia is 20 — making them easily in tune with their personal style and each other’s as well.

The siblings have nailed documenting the realities of “adulting” on their platforms, making it a no-brainer that quality trousers are a part of their sartorial switch into more mature silhouettes. “We love wearing trousers because they fit well with our body type,” the pair explains. “They’re flowy throughout the legs, but still hug our waistlines in all the right ways.” The duo already owns both cream and black trousers that they’ve worn relentlessly over the past few years, and this fall, they’re looking to expand beyond the neutrals. “We want to try styling maroon, cherry red, and emerald green pants this season,” they say.

If there’s one item that has never left the trend reports, it’s a leather jacket. This season, the Arizona-based creators are keeping close tabs on when the temperatures drop in the area to finally break out the revered staple — but don’t be surprised if you see them wearing one before then, as they’re willing to risk sweating and being a little hot for the right ’fit.

To spice things up this year, they’re hoping to purchase new colorways for their closets. “All of the faux leather pieces we currently have are black, so we want to find some pops of color to add to our wardrobes,” the sisters say, with green being their No. 1 pick. “We have been seeing a lot of sage green being incorporated into fall fashion; in previous years, we’d normally see deeper, darker colors.”

Priscilla Styles’ (@priscillastyles) Fall/Winter 2023 Faves

Priscilla Styles (she/her) is a Mexican fashion creator who has garnered a close-knit platform of over a million like-minded fashion enthusiasts through her fashion reviews, styling breakdowns, and advice videos. She says her style always plays with creativity, and she looks to timeless eras like ’90s minimalism for added doses of inspiration.

Similar to Morris, Styles is zhuzhing up her jewelry rotation with customized and chunky accessories, with New York-based label Sage & Saber’s watch necklace being not a want but a need. “It feels special when you wear something like that, which also ties into this wave of individuality that we’ve been experiencing,” she says. Styles believes that the sterling silver will pair well with just about any outfit, especially with darker clothes and heavier materials, all of which make up her fall wardrobe.

Kitten heels continue to dominate the trend cycle. Styles has cosigned the footwear style well into fall and winter, with her longtime wish-list favorite being Melissa x Y/Project’s see-through mules ($249). No matter the brand, the itty-bitty heel is destined to reach cold-weather wardrobes. “For me, kitten heels are the perfect way to combine comfort and aesthetics,” she says. “I love the way these mules can just elevate or complement any outfit and can be adapted to any style.”

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.