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How To Dress To Manifest Your Dream Life (& Where To Shop For It)

Author Erika De La Cruz says you can actually use your clothes to “speed up” manifestations.

Written by India Roby
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Though manifestation may seem like a recent fad, thanks in large part to FYP-worthy ideas like the 369 method and lucky girl syndrome, it’s actually a centuries-old practice. Beyond the surface, it tackles the roots of who you are and shows that anything you want can come to fruition if you put your mind to it. With more than 42 billion views under #manifestation on TikTok alone, people are constantly searching for ways to enrich their lives and make themselves feel better. But vision boarding and jotting down affirmations aren’t the only methods to attaining the *dream* life. According to Erika De La Cruz, an L.A.-based content creator and author of Passionistas: Tips, Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams, you can also manifest the life you want through your style.

After the 2008 recession affected her livelihood, De La Cruz leaned heavily on fashion and the Law of Attraction — the spiritual belief that one can bring positive experiences into a person's life through thought — to start fresh instead of wallowing in past circumstances. She believes that, like a costume, clothing is a visual medium that can evoke certain feelings. “We all get dressed in the morning, and I believe people can begin to use that routine even more consciously to recalibrate who you want to be and the things you want to have,” she tells Elite Daily, noting that it’s not about having tangible things in the present moment; attracting your dream life is about putting your best feelings forward to create what you love.

Below, De La Cruz, who frequently talks about using clothes, colors, and patterns as manifestation methods on TikTok, reveals how you can dress to your manifest the life you want (CEO? World traveler? #FitTok star?), and what you may need to buy to help you get started.

When Your Goal In Life Is To Be A World Traveler

Getting out of your everyday bubble is what makes visiting different countries so fascinating, but after booking the flight, looking the part is a whole other ball game. While travel is an expensive hobby for many, De La Cruz emphasizes that you don’t need a confirmed itinerary to be ready to travel. “The trip is going to find you a lot more quickly if you’re always prepared,” she says.

On top of visualizing taking your passport to your desired destination or starting a vacay-inspired music playlist, she says to wear the clothes that represent wherever you want to go, from city-embroidered sweatshirts and popular travel trends like raffia to investing in and packing quality baggage to get in the mood. Timeless go-to vacation silhouettes like a breezy maxi dress, a sturdy pair of sunglasses, and comfortably stylish sandals are also easy to incorporate into your everyday so that when the time comes to board a flight, you’ll already have them in your wardrobe.

When Your Favorite Position Is CEO

Entrepreneurship has gotten a rebrand compared with decades before. In 2023, it’s all about having a boss mentality, and that doesn’t necessarily require owning an LLC. There are practical things you can do every day to make a habit out of the hustle lifestyle, like knocking out your to-do list at a coffee shop and attending networking events, but being your own boss is ultimately about carrying and dressing with the importance of your internship or job, even if you don’t feel you’re there yet.

While strategically choosing spots to work out of, De La Cruz invested in pieces as she’s always on the go — a sturdy laptop case and a power blazer being the top priority. “These items are always synonymous with entrepreneurship,” she says. “Nowadays, you can opt for alternative styles and materials, like a two-piece set or a mini dress, that feels more modern” because looking, and feeling, like a boss is a 24/7 job.

When Sofia Richie’s Lifestyle Is The Endgame

Wealth is perhaps the most popular topic to manifest, as it’s something anyone could use a bit more of. The concept of “stealth wealth” or quiet luxury isn’t just about attracting more money, but it’s a state of mind, and you can build your own estate even if you don’t necessarily come from a generationally affluent background. “There’s a certain elegance and grace that we all grow up seeing,” De La Cruz says. “Through manifesting wealth, I actively promote my Mexican heritage as regal, entrepreneurial, and luxurious — an aesthetic I’m in love with because it makes me feel high-end and exclusive in totality.”

You can attract abundance with silhouettes that can elevate your confidence and style. Loud logos and other traditional symbols of wealth are out; more muted yet powerful statement pieces are in. Similar to high-fashion catwalks and shows like Succession, you can mimic the opulent aesthetic with pieces including lightweight, monochromatic outfits (neutrals, like beiges and creams, preferred) to low heels and flats that are not as loud or trendy. “Generational wealth is synonymous with significance and legacy, so you have to associate the manifestation tool that you're using with something positive for it to work,” she says. “By wearing a certain look, you don’t have to come from a ‘rich’ background to eventually live that reality.”

When Beyoncé’s “I’m That Girl” Is Your Brand

The key to being an it girl, according to De La Cruz, is their effortlessly minimalist approach to fashion. After all, it girls are only dubbed as such because, from an outsider’s perspective, they have this ~thing~ that you can’t put a finger on. Being *that* girl means that everyone knows you have something to offer, even in the most mundane parts of life.

Achieve the look of curated minimalism by staying on top of the trends to motivate your mindset forward. You can start by upleveling your basics aesthetically, using chunky claw clips or dainty jewelry. De La Cruz also recommends changing your outfit from day to night, no matter the occasion (or lack thereof). “Even if you don’t plan to be ‘that girl’ every day of the week, set aside a day where you know you can make the space to transition,” she recommends. The unofficial-official cool girl uniform isn’t full of microtrends but instead forever staples from a classic tank and jeans to slip dresses and cute mules.

When #FitTok Is All You Want On Your FYP

Amid lockdown, wellness became more of a priority for everyone and is now at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds as the collective strives to feel healthy and strong, both physically and mentally. De La Cruz explains certain items can make you feel those good endorphins from the inside out that will get you in the right mindset. Aside from finding hot spots near other health-conscious people or engaging in daily workouts, she suggests shopping for fashionable athleisure to set the motivation. “Carry a chic and cool water bottle, wear something to go on top of your leggings, and have actual workout shoes as the base of your outfit to constantly remind yourself that you’re ‘that girl’,” she says.

The energy attached to a workout set or fitness item is the most important part of the manifestation experience. “One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting fit is to buy cool kicks,” says De La Cruz. “I buy two to three pairs of real running shoes, and I pair them with all my athleisure. Then, I go through my day in them even if it’s only for errands because it makes me feel like I’m ready to go at every moment.”

De La Cruz is a firm believer that you can lure in whatever you want into your reality by getting into the habit of feeling and dressing the part. Regardless of where you’re at in life or the obstacles you’re facing, it’s about finding a silver lining to match the vibration of your goals along with the actual pieces. “Everyone wants to feel like a million bucks, but at its core, fashion is just the tool to get there,” she says. “You have to calibrate your emotions to whatever frequency that you want to be a match for it.” Once you fully liberate yourself from others’ expectations and indulge in your true self, you can attract your biggest dreams through the belief that it’s already yours.

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Erika De La Cruz, content creator and author of Passionistas: Tips, Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams