These Sick Emoji Pool Floats Will Be Your Newest Summer Obsession

How do you plan on making this summer season a memorable one? I mean, it shouldn't be too hard. If you're looking to stay fit, paddle board boxing is right up your alley. Or maybe you're more of a water jet-packing kind of person. Regardless, the opportunities are endless.

But let's face it, high-intensity water sports aren't for everyone. Most of us would rather kick back and soak up the sun (queue the Sheryl Crow classic) instead. And for those people, I present you: emoji pool floats!

That's right, some genius out there created an entire collection of emoji pool toys. According to Mashable, a New York City-based company called Thrice Brand created these awesome emoji floats, which range from around $39 to $50.

Sure, the swan float was made cool by Rihanna and everything, but why not add some more flavor to your fleet of pool furniture? There isn't a better conversation starter out there than an emoji poop raft!

The hilarious product description reads,

This is it. The float of the summer. But you already knew that. This thing is gigantic! And here's the irony: you bring this to a pool party and you'll be the shit.


Check out the different emoji pool floats below.

These emoji pool floats are a perfect way to relax in style this summer. Poop emoji, anyone?!

NYC-based company Thrice Brand is offering emoji pool floats from $39 to $50. That's a small price to pay for pure awesomeness.

The emoji floats offered include the fire emoji...

The 100 emoji

The eggplant emoji

The poop emoji and more!

So what are you waiting for? Gear up for an emoji-filled summer (insert sunglasses smiley emoji here).

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