Paddle Board Boxing Is Lethal And Somehow Still Hilarious


Looking for a clean way to settle a score with a buddy this summer? Look no further than paddle board boxing, friends.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Devin Super Tramp, we're shown what I'd consider the only sport worth participating in this summer. Other than that, sports probably aren't worth the sweat.

Super Tramp and his team jumped on a couple of paddle boards and threw on some giant boxing gloves that might have even been too big for Andre the Giant. The first punch is thrown by the dude in the green shorts who sends his bewildered opponent flying backward into the water.

I mean, the opening punch was so brutal I couldn't understand how there were nearly 2 minutes left of paddle board boxing to go. The fight continued as both paddle board boxers competed against each other with a vengeance and even found a way to crack a smile occasionally.

That's when I realized this might the only reason worth leaving an air-conditioned room this summer.

If you're not a good swimmer, I'd suggest wearing a life vest or some kind of flotation device that'd prevent you from drowning after you get knocked out... Or just don't get knocked out.

Check out the hilarious video above for a closer look!