Rihanna Falling Into A Pool Just To Save Her Wine Is Literally All Of Us

I wholeheartedly respect how little Rihanna f*cks around when wine is involved.

I feel like Hollywood has given us unrealistic standards when it comes to lounging in a pool. Pool floats are wobbly as hell and getting onto them is an impossible task, unless you have a core stronger than the planet Earth (actual planet Earth -- not the planet Earth in the movie “The Core.” The Earth ironically had a weak core in that movie.)

And then, even if you do somehow manage to get onto the float, how are you going to get your drink onto it? You can't one-hand slide onto a pool craft.

Also, EVEN IF YOU DO GET THE DRINK UP THERE, how are you going to sit up and drink it without getting sangria all of your tummy?

Somehow Rihanna has figured out this nightmare scenario, and she looks smooth as hell doing it. The only issue is even she can't steer an inflatable pool unicorn, which led to her almost going off a tiny pool cliff.

Luckily, RiRi's Ri-flexes are as sharp as her werk (werk, werk, werk, werk, werk) ethic, and she was able to abandon ship in time without spilling any wine.

Standing O, RiRi. Standing O.

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