This Delicious Rainbow Coffee Will Seriously Brighten Your Mornings

Rainbows seem to be all the rage right now.

From mermaid hair and makeup to rainbow-inspired snacks, nothing is safe from being decked out in a band of bright colors these days.

Not even beverages.

Yep, if you've been bummed out about the fact you have to drink boring old black coffee with your multicolored bagel every morning, don't worry.

We just found a colorful new cup of joe that will finally let you embrace your inner Lisa Frank.

Behold, rainbow coffee.

Yep, just when you thought caffeine couldn't possibly get any better, someone went ahead and made all of your dreams come true by turning your morning mug into a magical treat.

Apparently, this unicorn-esque latte art came to fruition about a week ago thanks to Mason Salisbury, a talented "technista" who works at Sambalatte in Las Vegas.

Now people are basically losing their damn minds over these beautiful hot beverages. Seriously, his eye-catching coffee art puts those other sh*tty latte designs to shame.

Take a look at the pictures to see this mythical coffee.

If you thought coffee was already pretty great on its own… might want to brace yourself.

Your beloved cup of joe just got a mythical makeover…

...and now you can start your morning off with an epic mug of multicolored coffee.

That's right. Rainbow coffee is now a real thing…

...and these beautiful beverages look tasty AF.

Mason Salisbury from Sambalatte is the mastermind behind these color-swirled sips.

He apparently came up with the idea about a week ago…

And since then, he's been refining his colorful craft…

...and posting all sorts of captivating rainbow coffee pics on Instagram.

Salisbury starts off by making a normal espresso…

Adds food coloring to some steamed milk…

...and then uses his magical pouring powers to create the perfect rainbow pattern.

Seriously, once you get your hands on one of these bad boys, you'll never go back to drinking boring old lattes.

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