These Rainbow Bagels Made With Cake-Flavored Cream Cheese Look Amazing (Photos)

If you're in a committed relationship with food, you might want to pay attention.

We just came across a heavenly snack that will give you some serious #BaeGoals. Literally.

Behold: Rainbow Bagels with birthday cake-flavored cream cheese. Yeah, take a few seconds to let those glorious words sink in. These mouthwatering, multicolored bagels were invented by The Bagel Store, and they're basically unicorns trapped inside of bagels' bodies.

The shop is located in Brooklyn, so you'll know where to find me every morning for, you know, the rest of my life.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these epic bagels.

This may look like the Frankenfood of your wildest dreams...

But a Rainbow Bagel with cake batter-flavored cream cheese is actually a real thing...

...and it lives in Brooklyn.

Created by The Bagel Store, these badass Rainbow Bagels feature swirling arrays of colors and "blueberry fruity flavors."

If that's not enough to make you drool, the bagels are slathered in homemade Funfetti cream cheese, too.

Apparently, these delicious bagels taste like cereal...

...sprinkled in pure happiness and unicorn tears.

So, yeah, they're basically the most delicious things to ever happen to breakfast...

...and they produce some of the most epic Instagram #foodporn I ever laid eyes on.

Seriously, who needs a bae when you have a bagel like this?

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