Rainbow Face Highlighter Is The Gorgeous New Makeup Trend You Need To Try

If you've been keeping up with the latest makeup techniques, you probably know strobing is the new contouring.

When it comes to selecting the right highlighter to do the job, there are tons of beauty products out there that will help you achieve that ethereal glow.

However, we just came across one epic palette that goes way beyond the basics of highlighting by making you look like a unicorn IRL.

That's right. The Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty has a new rainbow highlighter that will basically turn you into a mythical makeup queen.

The eye-catching palette, fittingly called Prism, features an assortment of shimmery pigments that perfectly capture every color of the rainbow.

Check out the pictures for a closer look at this gorgeous face highlighter.

If you're searching for a way to unleash your inner unicorn, look no further.

Bitter Lace Beauty just made all of our colorful dreams come true…

...with this insanely popular rainbow highlighter.

The palette is fittingly called Prism...

And it features a shimmery assortment of rainbow pigments…

...that are pretty much guaranteed to turn you into a Coachella Queen.

You can swipe on the highlighter to get an eye-catching streak of rainbow…

...or blend the highlighter together to achieve an ethereal, silvery green glow.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of these pretty palettes…

This magical makeup sells for $22 on Etsy…

...but due to its recent surge in popularity, the Prism palette is currently out of stock.

But don't worry. Bitter Lace Beauty is working on a new batch of palettes… you'll be able to transform yourself into a bohemian beauty in no time.

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