Prosecco-Flavored Cupcake Frosting Exists And We Can't Wait To Lick The Spoon

David Smart

I've recently come to the conclusion that most people have an undying love for boozy snacks.

I mean, check out this ice cream shop called Tipsy Scoop. The owner literally combined liquor with ice cream and customers can't get enough of the alcoholic dessert.

If you're not into frozen treats, take a gander at these champagne cupcakes. They're sure to give you buzz from the sugar (and the booze).

However, while we've been indulging in alcohol-inspired sweets and treats, we missed an important one that's been on the shelves for almost a year: prosecco-flavored frosting.

Yup. Let that sink in.


Lakeland's Prosecco Flavor Frosting hit market in July 2016, but our recent infatuation with alcoholic sweets is pulling us closer and closer to the bubbly icing.

According to the frosting's product page, it's perfect for "topping and filling cakes and biscuits," but I'm already planning on scooping it straight out of the container for a midnight snack.

(I'll try not to finish the entire thing in one sitting, but I can't make any promises.)

Not only does Lakeland's Prosecco Flavor Frosting sound freakin' delicious, but it's also super simple to use.

Apparently, all you need to do it open the container, scoop some icing into a piping bag, and start decorating (or eating). You definitely don't need to be a professional baker in order to enjoy the goods.

I don't know about you, but I'd love to wash down a prosecco-flavored cupcake with an actual glass of prosecco. That isn't pushing prosecco limits, is it?


There is one downfall about the prosecco-flavored frosting, though: it's non-alcoholic.

Even though there isn't the slightest bit of booze in the prosecco-inspired treat, you can always follow a recipe for booze-filled cupcakes (like these) and add your own alcohol to the batter.

Or, you can enjoy the sweet, bubbly bliss of the icing by itself.

Buy it here for $3.25.