Mosaic Sushi Proves We Only Eat Food Based On How Instagram-Worthy It Is

If there's one thing we can learn from the #FoodPorn revolution, it's social media totally rules the way we live our lives.

As a shameless social media addict, I'll admit I'm totally that annoying person who always takes pictures of her food with the flash on in dark restaurants.

If that's not bad enough, my Instagram obsession also dictates the foods I eat on a daily basis.

No really, I'm not kidding. Sometimes I'll even eat trendy food I don't really like, just so I can add it to my tasty collection of #FoodPorn photos.

Yeah, I know. I'm basically the worst.

However, there's a new sushi trend that proves I'm not the only foodie out there who's hungry for Instagram likes and follows.

Feast your eyes on the latest fishy fad that's making a splash, mosaic sushi.

That's right, the days of simply slapping a few slabs of sashimi on a plate are long gone.

Now, all of the cool kids are eating raw fish that's been cut into bite-sized bits...

...and painstaking pieced together like a slimy jigsaw puzzle.

All jokes aside, mosaic sushi does look pretty damn memorizing.

Apparently, this eye-catching sushi trend originated in Japan...

...and since then, this pretty, pressed sushi has been popping up all over social media.

If you're wondering how the hell one manages to make sushi look like edible artwork, it's actually quite simple.

All you have to do is get a boatload of sashimi...

Chop it up into little cubes...

Arrange your fish into a fancy square pattern...

...and toss some pretty garnishes on for good measure, and you're good to go.

You now have one of the most Instagram-worthy eats on the face of the planet.

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