Instagram Is Making Us Believe We Have To Eat Bad Food To Be Trendy


Not too long ago, we gave you glimpse of the latest #FoodPorn craze on Instagram, the blue vegan latte.

Apparently, these blue, $6, coffee-less "lattes" smelled like seaweed and tasted like surf shit.

However, that didn't stop tons of Instagram foodies from buying these things for the sake of social media.

If there's one thing we can learn from this strange frankenfood phenomenon, it's that Instagram-ability totally trumps the flavor of food these days.

Research conducted by Havas Worldwide recently found that most Millennials consider themselves to be "foodies," and 44 percent have posted food or drink photos on social media.

It appears that our social media-fueled #FoodPorn obsession is changing our relationship with food, since things like Instagram photos, restaurant check-ins and Yelp reviews all dictate the way we consume food these days.

According to the report published by Havas Worldwide,

For younger people especially, food is a source of status and conversational currency [...] Dining in restaurants used to be a social experience because of the conversations one had at the table. Now the social interaction is just as likely to be online.

But, that's not the only interesting thing this survey uncovered.

Apparently, #FoodPorn has become such a turn-on for some people, that 35 percent of Millennials would actually choose dinner at an amazing restaurant over having sex. I mean, seriously, WTF is happening to the world?

If choosing snacks over sex isn't bad enough, the rise of food photography has also convinced us to eat aesthetically pleasing food that doesn't even taste good, like unicorn bagels, shitty blue coffee and frankenfood creations that take food porn way too far.

Before you prepare yourself for an all out #FoodPorn apocalypse by grabbing the last few tasty snacks and running to the nearest underground bunker, you should know the report did reveal one good thing about the future of food.

Apparently, the story behind the food is starting to gain popularity, as people become more concerned with the nutritional and health value of food.

So maybe we'll stop eating trendy, rainbow-dyed crap and go back to caring about the quality and taste of our cuisine.

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