On June 15, Zendaya responded to pregnancy rumors in an Instagram Story.

Zendaya Is Not Pregnant, So Stop With The Tweets

She said this is why she’s off Twitter.

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In the latest example of This is why we can’t have nice things, Zendaya is responding to false pregnancy rumors and vowed to stay off Twitter as a result. Zendaya staying off Twitter? That’s not what I needed to hear this week. Ugh.

According to The Cut, the pregnancy rumor started as an extension of a new Tiktok trend called #Krissed. This hashtag, which seats Kris Jenner as the poster child of the meme, has users spreading false pieces of celebrity announcements. In Zendaya’s case, it’s a pregnancy rumor.

As seen in a few TikToks, a snapshot of an ultrasound was seemingly photoshopped on Zendaya’s Instagram. In another TikTok, the same ultrasound imagery is present, but a caption and a comment section have been added to make the post more realistic. The caption reads, “I love you. Halfway there. @tomholland2013.” However, the ultrasound image doesn’t appear on Zendaya’s official Instagram.

The post being fake becomes evident at the end of the #Krissed videos when a sped-up shot of Kris Jenner dancing is shown with the text, “You’ve just been Krissed,” alongside a request to send to friends. Basically, it’s the TikTok version of an Ashton Kutcher episode of Punk’D or those dirty holiday text chains.

However, the rumors left TikTok and made their way to Twitter, where the words “Zendaya” and “pregnant” began trending. All this led Zendaya to address the hearsay. In a brief, all-black Instagram Story, she didn’t mention the rumors directly, but made it pretty clear that she’s not here for made-up stories about her personal life.

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter...” Zendaya said. “Just making stuff up for no reason...weekly.”


In a second IG Story, the Dune star brushed off the rumors. “Anyway, back to filming Challengers,” she said alongside a tennis ball emoji. She’s set to star in the upcoming romance-sports film directed by Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino.


The false pregnancy chatter grew so wide that even Lil Nas X almost fell for it. The “Industry Baby” rapper mentioned in a tweet that he almost sent a congratulatory DM to Zendaya. “i hate twitter because i’m sitting here about to congratulate zendaya via dm about a baby that doesn’t exist,” he said.

This all comes just one week after Zendaya told Andrew Garfield in a Variety interview that she’s skeptical of invasions into her personal life. So, please, can everyone just leave Zendaya alone now? It’s the least she deserves after everything she’s given us.

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