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Thomas Jacobs on Katie Thurston's Season 17 of 'The Bachelorette' on ABC

Did Katie Thurston Hint Thomas Jacobs Will Be On Paradise?

Looks like she dropped a clue.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Thomas Jacobs might not be the next Bachelor, but it looks like he could be heading to the beach. After one of the most dramatic Bachelorette eliminations of all time (seriously, my jaw is still on the floor), Katie Thurston hinted her onscreen ex could come back for The Bachelor’s summer spinoff. If you’re wondering whether Thomas Jacobs will be on Bachelor in Paradise, Queen Katie hinted there’s a good chance you’ll see him on the sand.

Quick recap: Thomas was one of the early “villains” on Season 17 of The Bachelorette. The 29-year-old real estate broker from California became the center of controversy after a Week 3 group date, during which he admitted he’d gone on the show with the goal of growing his platform. He also said had thoughts about becoming the Bachelor before developing real feelings for Katie.

After word got back to Katie that Thomas wasn’t necessarily there ~for the right reasons,~ she had some major doubts about keeping him around. Even though Thomas tried to explain himself (claiming that every guy on the show considered the possibility of becoming the Bachelor, which is honestly probably true...), Katie didn’t buy it. Although she kept him around for the Week 4 rose ceremony, Katie made it epically clear she wasn’t going to waste her time on guys just trying to cash in on her experience.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

When Katie called Thomas’ name during the June 28 ceremony, it looked like she was going to hand him her final rose of the night. Instead, she stepped back and delivered one of the most memorable Bachelor Nation breakup speeches thus far. “You’re selfish, unkind, and a liar,” Katie said. “The Bachelor audition ends tonight, so get out.”

Even though Katie had enough of Thomas, it looks like the producers might not. After Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Nick Viall expressed his support for Thomas on Twitter, Katie hinted the Season 17 cast member may pop back up on Paradise. On June 28, Viall tweeted, “I truly never thought I would say this a week ago, but justice for Thomas!!” The following day, Katie quote-tweeted Viall and said, “I’m sure he’ll be just fine” with a palm tree and a wave emoji.

I mean, that has to be a Paradise reference, right? Why else would she put the palm tree and wave if not to evoke the beaches of the Bachelor spinoff show? Of course, she can’t outright say, “Thomas is going to Paradise,” for spoiler purposes, but this is pretty damn close.

Even though Thomas’ time on Season 17 has come to an end, it looks like his Bachelor audition didn’t *totally* flop. Getting cast on the spinoff is a pretty solid breakup consolation prize. Here’s hoping finds the followers — I mean, romantic partner! — he’s looking for in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premieres Monday, August 16, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.