Justin from 'Perfect Match' Season 2 revealed why he skipped the finale.

Justin From Perfect Match Explains Why He Skipped The Finale

Apparently, a lot of his story was altered.


There was one empty chair when the whole Perfect Match Season 2 cast reunited to choose a winning couple. Mysteriously, Justin Assada didn’t show up for the finale. Host Nick Lachey briefly stated that Justin couldn’t be there, but didn’t offer an explanation as to why. But Justin broke it all down following the episode.

Justin shared his complicated experience with the show in a lengthy TikTok video, stating that his genuine feelings for his former match Elys Hutchinson led to him walking out of the villa and not wanting to return. “I really did feel like I made a connection with Elys and she was my perfect match,” he said. However, Elys wound up picking Bryton Constantin over him. After that, he felt he had no further purpose on the show.

“I wasn’t going falsify any emotions or attraction towards someone that I wasn’t genuinely interested in, just so I could drag them along for the sake of screen time,” he said. “Call me crazy but I was there trying to find my perfect match.”

He said that he wants to keep his dating life more private after his experience on the show, which is another reason he stayed away from the finale.


Justin has also opened up about how he felt some of his moments were not portrayed completely accurately when watching the series. In an interview with MassLive, Justin said the main reason he was so blindsided by Elys dumping him for Bryton was because he and Elys had just had a conversation about how he had become more affectionate and open with her. “For everything to slip and switch in a matter of, like, 10, 15 minutes was crazy,” he said.

The most glaring moment of editing for Justin was his conversation with Holly Scarfone, which almost ended in Justin matching with her after Elys had matched with Bryton. The show portrayed Justin telling Holly his favorite book was Goodnight Moon as a cringey red flag, but he said he first named For Whom the Bell Tolls as his favorite book, and when Holly wasn’t familiar with it, he tossed out Goodnight Moon as a joke.

Justin didn’t miss too much but skipping the finale in the end. The season ended with some very anticlimactic winners and without forming any lasting couples.