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So... Perfect Match Season 2 Didn't Have A Perfect Success Rate At All

The IG comments are already getting spicy.

Perfect Match may need a name change. Netflix’s ultimate dating show is supposed to encourage the streamer’s biggest stars to form new power couples, but after two seasons, it has yet to really deliver on that premise. Sure, maybe a first-season couple did get engaged, but that relationship fizzled out into a breakup after filming. And Season 2 isn’t any better. Here’s where all of the Perfect Match Season 2 couples stand after the show, and all the drama that’s been going down between them.

The finale of Season 2 took a pretty anticlimactic turn as none of the longer-lasting couples in the game was chosen to win. Instead, Christine and Nigel — a match that formed at the very last minute between two people who were barely on the show at all — were voted by the cast to be Season 2’s winners. It was an... odd choice, which seemed to highlight some underlying resentments between this season’s cast.

Given the prickliness between everyone, it probably doesn’t come as a huge shock that no lasting relationships were formed from the dating experiment. Here’s what went down with each couple after filming was done.

Harry & Jessica


No amount of weaponized therapy-speak could save Harry and Jessica’s relationship. After it was exposed that Harry kissed Melinda while he was still with Jessica, she finally unmatched from him. But surprisingly, the finale ended with the two teasing they’d gotten back together... only for the credits to reveal they broke up again shortly afterwards.

In a video for Netflix, Harry and Jess confirmed they are no longer together, although they said they are on good terms with one another.

Stevan & Alara


They seemed like the strongest match of the season, but Stevan and Alara’s connection couldn’t survive the real world. In her “where are they now” video, Alara accused Stevan of ghosting her after the show. She said they went on a trip together and talked about moving in together, but didn’t hear from him after that.

“I was ready to move to L.A., or he was ready to come to London. We were looking at apartments,” Alara said. According to Stevan, the long-distance was too much for him to maintain.

Christine & Nigel


This season’s so-called “Perfect Match” didn’t have a perfect relationship after winning. In their Netflix catch-up clip, Christine said her and Nigel’s brief romance after the show “was bad,” and she suggested they go to couple’s therapy, but that didn’t work. They didn’t get into specifics about what exactly went wrong, but Christine did reveal she recently had a convo with another of Nigel’s exes.

Tolú & Chris


Despite a few sweet moments on the show, Tolú and Chris had a bad breakup after filming, with Chris admitting they “didn’t end on the best terms” in their catch-up video. And judging from their social media interactions since the finale aired, there’s certainly no love lost between the exes. Fans noticed Chris was deleting angry comments from Tolú under his recent posts.

Micah & Kaz


It’s probably not too surprising to learn that Micah and Kaz ended things right after filming Perfect Match Season 2. The turbulent couple barely made it through the season after multiple fights and breakups, and in their “where are they now” video, they described their current relationship with one another as “non-existent.”

Elys & Bryton


Another unsurprising breakup. Elys and Bryton were a last-minute match, and one that felt more strategic than actually romantic. After the show, Elys said Bryton ghosted her. In their “where are they now” video, Bryton admitted to ghosting Elys after seeing a different side of her personality.

However, Elys got another boyfriend within the Netflix Dating Universe shortly after Perfect Match. She began dating Too Hot To Handle Season 3’s Nathan in the fall of 2023. Given that Nathan is the ex of Elys’ Perfect Match castmate Holly, the coupling led to a bit of drama post-show.