Jess Vestal responded to those photos with Harry Jowsey that leaked before 'Perfect Match.'

Jess Says Those Leaked Harry Jowsey Pics "Spoiled" Her LIB Experience

"I felt like that may have been an intentional thing."


This article contains spoilers for the first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2. Jessica Vestal’s Perfect Match journey started a lot earlier than the rest of her Season 2 castmates. Three months before the new season began airing — when Jess’ season of Love Is Blind was still on — paparazzi photos of her and Harry Jowsey cuddling up on a Mexican beach went viral. Once the Perfect Match Season 2 cast was revealed, fans already knew that Jess and Harry would become an item on the show because of those pics. Jess tells Elite Daily that she believes those photos were intentionally published to try to spoil her moment on Love Is Blind.

“At that time, I felt like it was hindering my experience with Love is Blind,” Jess says. The shots of Jess and Harry were published by Page Six on March 5, right in the middle of when Love Is Blind Season 6 was releasing episodes. “I felt like it was kind of stealing the momentum and, I don't want to say stealing the thunder, but yeah... I was on my Love Is Blind journey then.”

Jess goes on to allege that the pics were released with the intention of ruining her run on Love Is Blind. “Wherever those photos came from, I felt like that may have been an intentional thing to spoil my Love Is Blind experience,” she says.


Jess chose to ignore all the chatter around the viral pics, which were not brought up at the Love Is Blind reunion that aired a week after they were released. But now, she’s ready to open up about how upset that move made her.

As the pics had already basically confirmed, Jess did start a romantic relationship with Harry right when she entered the Perfect Match house. And although they did seem to be one of the strongest couples in the game, their relationship wasn’t without some dramatic moments, like when Jess had to comfort Harry during a breakdown after other contestants began questioning if he came into the show for the right reasons.

Fans will find out if Jess and Harry really are a perfect match when this season’s finale drops on Netflix on June 21.