Jess from 'Love Is Blind' responded to Jimmy's remark that she's a "mean girl."

Jimmy From Love Is Blind Called Jess A “Mean Girl” & She Responded

The reunion is about to be so spicy!


Jess and Jimmy’s breakup on Love Is Blind Season 6 may have been spicy, but you’re really going to need your EpiPen when you hear how they’ve been talking about each other after the show. One recent interview of Jimmy’s particularly caught Jess’ attention, as he made claims that the show “wasn’t really fair” in depicting their breakup and fired a nasty insult at his almost-fiancée: “She was not nice, and I’ll never go for the mean girl.” That remark inspired Jess to respond, and she did not mince words.

Jimmy went in on Jess during a video interview with E! News, calling their final date “terrible” and accusing her of “putting words in [his] mouth.” “Our last date was terrible and they didn’t show any of it. They only showed her getting to lay into me in a light that wasn’t really fair for me,” Jimmy said. “She walked out on me 10 minutes in and was mad I wasn’t prepared to say I love her to her. I didn’t have a decision; she was putting words in my mouth that I already had my decision made. It wasn’t true. Even that day, she was my number one. And she was not nice, and I’ll never go for the mean girl.”


Jess left a comment aimed at Jimmy under the video on Instagram.

“This is easier for him to say than whatever the real reason was that he didn’t want to be with me,” Jess said. “Notice in all the interviews I’ve done, I speak highly of him and our experience. In his interviews, he takes every opportunity to speak poorly of me and flat out lie. It truly speaks volumes and is so disheartening.”

It sounds like this almost-couple has no regrets about breaking up now. Jess previously told Elite Daily that she “needed a lot more” from Jimmy than she felt he could give her, but she didn’t think her daughter played a role in their breakup. She also shared that Jimmy denied following her on social media after the pods, even though she had screenshotted proof that he did.

One thing’s for sure: This reunion is about to be heated.