Harry Jowsey reflected on his 'Perfect Match' breakup with Elys.

Harry Jowsey Regrets How He Handled His Perfect Match Breakup With Elys

“I'm sure there's better things I could have said.”


This article contains spoilers for the first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2. When it comes to breakups, almost nobody is more experienced than Harry Jowsey. The Too Hot To Handle star’s dating history is notoriously messy, and as expected, it got even messier when he filmed Season 2 of Perfect Match. In the first few episodes, it looked like he and fellow THTH breakout Elys Hutchinson were building a solid relationship, but Harry tells Elite Daily that he immediately forgot about Elys right when he first met Jessica Vestal. “As soon as Jess walked in, her aura was everything,” he says. “I just knew she’s perfect.”

He knew he had to break up with Elys after meeting Jess, which didn’t go over well... especially after Elys found out he had described their relationship as more of a friendship connection. But Harry stands by that description: “I didn't really think we're doing anything that was romantic,” he says. “Things weren't progressing and it just became platonic.”

He does, however, admit that he was too cruel to Elys in their breakup. “I could have handled it better, I'm sure there's better things I could have said,” Harry says. “I was probably not in the right frame of mind. I should have maybe handled it with a little bit more grace and just heard her out a little bit more.”


Harry had to face the consequences of his actions when Elys concocted a plan to stay in the house despite losing her partner. But while Harry may regret how he went about the breakup, he doesn’t regret doing it. “I felt like I was going to do her a disservice by continuing to match with her,” he says. “I was in a silly and tough situation because I didn't want her to be left without someone, but I also needed to follow my heart with Jess.”

It may not have been a perfect match with Elys, but Harry and Jess’ bond does seem pretty strong... even despite his emotional breakdown when she wondered if he came to the show for the right reasons.

The finale of Perfect Match Season 2 will air on June 21 on Netflix.